Yucun Village of Moganshan in Anji County, Huzhou

Yucun Village(余村) is located in the west side of Tianxiangping Town, Anji, Zhuxiang. It is the location of Zhuhaiping Scenic Area in Tianhuangping Scenic Area. The village is east-west, high in the north, low in the west, surrounded by mountains, surrounded by mountains and vegetation. High coverage and excellent mountain microclimate. The unique natural environment has nurtured Yucun’s long history and culture, creating a magical natural landscape. The village has a thousand-year-old temple, Longqing Temple, which was built in the post-five period of the Five Dynasties. There are thousands of ancient trees, hundred-year-old doll fish, and ancient industrial and mining sites and caves that need to be uncovered.