Shandong Overview

Chinese Name: 山东 English IPA: /'ʃæn'duŋ/ Location: On the eastern edge of the North China Plain and in the lower reaches of the Yellow River (Huang He) Capital:Jinan Population:100,058,300 Language:Mandarin, Jilu Mandarin, Zhongyuan Mandarin, Jiaoliao Mandarin The Well-known Mountain:Mount Tai Time Zone:UTC+8

Located on the eastern edge of the North China Plain and in the lower reaches of the Yellow River, Shandong extends out to sea as the Shandong Peninsula. Shandong borders the Bohai Sea to the north, Hebei to the northwest, Henan to the west, Jiangsu to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the southeast; it also shares a very short border with Anhui, between Henan and Jiangsu. With a pleasant location, Shandong enjoys good development conditions. Seeing favorable climate, its agricultural products bring it further out of its own land. Coastal location brings it fresh and good seafood. Amazing tourist destinations and profound culture attracts visitors from home and abroad. As a popular tourist destination in China, Shandong would be brought further in the future.


  • Mount Tai: Renowned as a World Natural and Cultural Heritage Site, Global Geopark, Chinese National 5-A tourist attraction, national relic protection unit, state-level scenic spot and national civilized scenic site, Mount Tai is a splendid tourist destination.
  • Hometown of Confucius: Confucius’s hometown is Qufu which belongs to Jining county of Shandong province. It plays a quite important role in Shandong’s culture and tourism.
  • Qilu Culture: It is a regional culture in Shandong including Taoist culture, Legalism culture, Master Sun’s military culture, Mohist culture, the Yin and Yang philosophy, etc. The core culture is the Confucian culture.
  • Amazing Sceneries: Shandong boasts lots of attractive tourist spots in China like Mount Tai, Spouting Spring, the Three Memorial Edifices of Confucius in Qufu, Liugong Island, Longkou South Mountain Scenic Spot, etc.
  • Lu Cuisine: Shandong is the birthplace of Lu cuisine which is one of the eight major components of Chinese cuisine.
  • Seafood: As a coastal province, Shandong enjoys fresh and high-quality seafood. You could eat a variety of seafood here.

Other Destinations in Shandong

Shandong Attractions

Tsingdao beer, Weifang kites, Confucian culture in Qufu, springs in Jinan, etc. all these bring the fame of Shandong far away from its own land. Also, Shandong enjoys all sorts of natural and cultural sights attracting visitors from home and abroad. In your visiting in Shandong, you could go to Shandong attractions like the Three Memorial Edifices of Confucius in Qufu, Liugong Island, Longkou South Mountain Scenic Spot, Sunbin Tousit City, Dongchang Lake, Wanpingkou Seashore Scenic Site, Dongping Lake Scenic [...]

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Shandong Tours

With a variety of tourist destinations here, you could visit lots of places with excellent tourist sites, like Tai’an which is known for Mount Tai, Jinan which offers Spouting Spring, Weifang where you could enjoy Weifang International Kite Festival, and Qingdao which provides Qingdao International Beer Festival, etc. Numerous tourist spots would bring you amazing visiting in Shandong, so we would offer you classic tours and special themed tours which could lead you to those tourist destinations you would like [...]

Climate & When to Go

Shandong belongs to warm temperate zone monsoon climate with concentrated rainfall, short spring and autumn period, and a long time of summer and winter. Regional temperature differences in north and south of Shandong province appear greatly. The annual frost-free period decreases from coastal northeast to southwest, with 180 days in north and earth of Shangong and 220 days in its southwest. Shandong province enjoys sufficient sunshine, with an average of 2,290 to 2,890 hours a year. Heat conditions here [...]

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Shandong transportation would offer you information about the conditions and development of varying transportation ways in Shandong including aviation, highway, railway and waterway, and subway. Aviation Several airports have been established in Shandong, and the main ones are Qingdao Liuting International Airport, Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, Yantai Penglai International Airport, Weifang Airport, Jining Qufu Airport, Weihai Dashuipo Airport, DongYing Shengli Airport, Linyi Shubuling Airport, Rizhao Shanzihe Airport, etc. The new airport Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport which was started to build [...]

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Festivals and Activities

There are a lot of Shandong festivals and events you could enjoy in your Shandong visiting. We have chosen some recommended ones to give you details of several festivals and activities in Shandong. Qingdao International Beer Festival Time: The second weekend of August and lasting 16 days During the festival, the whole city is in great revelry. Beer drinking competitions, parties, entertainment and trade exhibitions stimulate interest. Dozens of beer companies from all over the world join the festival. Beer products and [...]

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Travel Tips

Important Numbers China International Country Code Number: 0086 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Shandong Tourism Complaint: 0531-82963423 Clothing You had better bring some clothes that are easy to dry when you go to enjoy the sea and seascape here, because the air would be moist. Bring sunglasses and sun scream with you. Take suitable shoes if you visit Mount Tai or some mountainous tourist destinations. Medicine Take antidiarrheal and antiallergic medicine with you in case [...]

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Useful Maps

We have collected some useful Shandong maps including Shandong's location in China, Shandong regional map, Shandong attractions map, Shandong cities map, and Jinan attractions map, Map of Scenic spots around Jinan, Mount Tai travel map, Spouting Spring travel map, etc. to help you have a better understanding about Shandong and plan Shandong tours easily. [...]

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Shandong Accommodation

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