Weihai Haodangjia Golf Club

Weihai Haodangjia Golf Club(好当家高尔夫球会) is funded by the Haodangjia Group(好当家集团)and is designed by Canadian renowned designer Nelson & Haworth, located in a highly attractive Chinese city — Rongcheng(荣城)Shandong(山东),which was opened in 2004 covering an area of more than 3,000 acres.It has two 18-hole international championship courses A and B,with a seaside course and a woods course respectively.And the total length of the fairway is 14,415 yards which is separated by pine trees.Haodangjia Golf Club is in a fabulous place which has picturesque scenery,fresh air and temperate climate.This means It is especially suitable for outdoor sports,which can be regarded as a dream golf course.In addition,the sea cucumber here is well-known both at home and abroad.So Haodangjia Golf club can not only satisfy your needs for an ideal place for playing golf but it can also serve you with palatable seafood.

Chinese Name:威海好当家高尔夫球会 (36洞
Chinese ADD:山东威海荣成市好当家工业园区
Translated by Li Hangjia/李杭珈