Weihai Festivals and Events

Weihai festival and activity part provides you some information about local and unique festivals and activities that you could take part in during your visiting in Weihai in detail.

Ronghai International Fishermen Festival

Time: July 23 th –26th , once every three years
The Host Venue: Shidao
Main Activities: Offering sacrifices to the sea, corresponding competition of boating, fishing, netting, aquatic products processing, the exhibition of products and local specialties and a series of lantern show, flower show, painting and calligraphy exhibition, evening party activities.

During this festival, fishermen in varying countries take different ways with varying customs to celebrate their ceremonies.

Rongcheng Grain Rain Day

Time: April 20 th– 21st (the day of grain rain)
The Host Venue: the dock of coastal villages like Shidao, Lidao, etc.
Main Activities: The activity is divided into three parts with three day. Inviting the god of sea at first day, whose purpose is to invite the god in the temple home to celebrate the Grain Rain Day together. The second day welcomes the offering sacrifices to the sea and boats. The third day, fishermen hold a variety of festivals to celebrate the festival.

The grain rain in the 24 solar terms is the sign which tells the official start of the fishermen offshore production every year. In order to pray for safety and a good harvest, before going out to the sea, fishermen would hold grand ceremonies. Fishermen has celebrated Grain Rain Day with a long history of over 2,000 years.

Weihai Wendeng Kunyu Mountain Meeting

Time: May 20th –22nd
The Host Venue: Shengshuiguan in Wendeng
Main Activities: A variety of folk art performances, Taoist searching activities, calligraphy and stone carving culture researching and studying activities,etc. The activity attracts hundreds of people from many countries and regions like Japan, South Korea, Canada, Hong Kong, etc.

Weihai International Fishing Festival

Time: October 1st—15th
The Host Venue: Fishing competitions of all levels and fishing gear exposition
Main Activities: Every autumn, fishing lovers from lots of places gather in Weihai. Competitions of sea boat fishing, freshwater fishing pole fishing, rock or reef fishing and other kinds of events could be seen during this period. Weihai International Fishing Festival is the largest international fishing contest which is organized in seawater and large-scale fresh water areas at the same time.