Weihai Dining

Compared to other cities in Shandong, Weihai cuisine pays much attention to the skill of cutting, and they are characterized in tenderness and original favor of food. In addition to seafood, as one of the birthplaces of Lu cuisine, visitors could eat fairly original Lu dishes here. Then, Weihai is the earliest navigable city with South Korea, so Korean restaurant is also a feature of Weihai restaurant. Here is some recommended food you could try and some places to eat in Weihai you could refer to.

What to Eat

  • Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel (鲅鱼水饺): It is one of the most popular snacks in Shandong. And with rich sea resources, Weihai seafood won’t disappoint you no matter what kind of dish they are made into. When they are mixed with Jiaozi, their good taste would be shown perfectly.
  • Stewed Chicken with Mushroom (鸡炖蘑菇): It is one of the most famous northeastern Chinese dishes.
  • Braised Sea Cucumber in Brown Sauce (红烧海参): Sea cucumber is rich in nutrition. What’s more, it is the excellent seafood in Weihia seafood.
  • Braised Prawns with Soy Sauce (红烧对虾): Taking fresh and high- quality prawns as ingredients and adding various seasonings to increase favor, prawns are cooked deliciously.
  • Stir-fried Saxidomus Purpuratus (爆炒天鹅蛋): Saxidomus purpuratus belongs to a kind of clam. It has nutrition. The dish is one of the special local cuisines in Weihai.
  • Qigao Cake (起糕): It is one of the traditional snacks in Weihai, especially in its county-level city Wendeng and Rushan city. It is usually serviced with porridge.
  • Tanggua (糖瓜): It is one of the traditional snacks in Weihai’s county-level city Wendeng. It has the shape like a melon, so it got the name with “gua” in Chinese Pinyin which means melon.

Where to Eat

Shenguixianbing Restaurant (Haigang Road)

It is a chain store in Weihai, and this one is located on No.40 Haigang Road, Huancuiqu. It is said that the shop has opened for over ten years. You could eat many kinds of porridge, beef, cakes, etc. here.

Beifangjiaoziwang Restaurant (Wenhuaxilu Road)

Its specialty is Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel. Also, you could taste other dishes as well. It is a chain store which has more than 10 years’ history.

Hanxiangfu Barbecue Restaurant (Weisheng Road)

It is a Korean barbecue restaurant with a lot of authentic Korean food. It is located on No.44 Gunagming Road.

Xiaohaixian Themed Self - service Hotpot (Qingdao Road)

It is located on No.80 Qingdao Road. The shop services all kinds of seafood and it is a self-service restaurant.

Taibeixiaocheng Restaurant

It is located on No.60-33 Guangming Road. The restaurant mainly services Korean food with many sorts of authentic Korean style food.

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