Weihai Tours

As a prefecture-level city in Shandong, Weihai provides a variety of tourist resources. So you’d better give some plans for your Weihai tours so that you could make the best of your trip time. If you like visit some place that has both natural scenery and cultural sites, you are recommended to pay a visit to Liugong Island. If you enjoy seascape, you could visit Chengtoushan Mountain Scenic Spot that locates in the eastmost side of Chengshan Mountains and is surrounded by sea on its three sides. Also, Weihai tour part offers you some tours that you could refer to. You could spend one-day-visit trip to Chengtoushan Mountain and Hailv Island, or visit Shendiaoshan Wildlife Nature Reserve and Hailv Island a day. No matter where you want to visit, just try to give your tours some plans, and then you would have much time enjoy your visiting.