Weihai Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers

  • City Code: 0631
  • Zip code: 264200
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Traffic Events: 122
  • Taxi Complaints: 0631-5224335
  • Tourist Complaints (Weihai): 0631-5315555
  • Tourist Complaints (Shandong): 0531-82963423

Post Office

  • Weihai City Post Office: No.44-404 Wenhua East Road, Huancui District
  • Wendeng City Post Office: No.32, Wenshan Road, Wendeng District
  • Rushan City Post Office: No.74, Shengli Street, Rushan city
  • Liugong Island Post Office: No.48, Haibin North Road, Liugong Island, Huancui District
  • Wendeng Development Zone Post Office: No.24 Longshan Road, Wendeng District


Weihai boasts a quite long coastline, which makes it a place with changeable weather, so you had better notice corresponding weather report carefully before you go out for your visiting.


First, take care of your own safety if you are not good at swimming. There are lots of places you could meet sea and also you may go to some scenic spots which lie in mountainous areas, please always be carefully about your own safety no matter how beautiful landscape and seascape you see.

Then, in some places like bus stops, railway stations, popular tourist attentions, no matter where you are, as long as there are a lot for people you’d better keep your valuable belongs in sight in case of getting stolen.


Seafood is a must-try one in Weihai visiting. So those who are allergic to seafood you had better pay attention to what you eat carefully. Then, for seafood lovers, Weihai provides some restaurants which could help you process seafood, so if you could get some fresh fishes, clams, crabs, etc. and want to cook them, you could ask those places to help you.


Traffic Lights

The rules of Weihai traffic lights are quite different from many other places. They have pedestrians time and motor vehicles passing through time. When pedestrian lights light up, no matter which directions, motor vehicles cannot pass through. Vice versa, when lights for motor vehicles light up, pedestrians must stop no matter there are some green lights in any direction. So it is the traffic lights for pedestrians matter when they light up instead of some green lights during this period. If you feel puzzled, just observe more when you are on the road.


The fare of taxi varies from different time. And here are some differences. During daytime (5a.m.—10 p.m.), the starting price is 7 yuan for each 2 miles. From 2 to 8 miles, it takes 1.5 yuan each mile. Over 8 miles, it takes 2 yuan each mile.

For nighttime (10 p.m.—5a.m.), he starting price is 8 yuan each 2 miles, and it takes 2 yuan per mile when the distance is over 2 miles.

If you have any question, you are available to call the hotline: 0631-5224335


Weihai is a place rich in artwork. Its local unique and well-made art wares like tea sets, plush toys, etc. have been sold overseas. They would be easy-take and special choices for travel souvenirs.


If you are not so familiar with the place you stay in or places where you plan to hang out, you’d better go out with some friends. If not, you could take cards from hotels you stay because they can be helpful if you get lost in somewhere.