Shandong Dining

Shandong cuisine, the head of China's four major Chinese cuisines, is a representative of the northern cuisine. It has the characteristics of exquisite color and shape, lovely fragrance, freshness, crispness and tenderness. As a coastal province, you could eat fresh and high-quality seafood here. Also, its faces Korea Peninsula over the sea, and convenient transportation helps communication of the two sides, so you could taste Korean food here as well. Shandong dining part offers you typical dishes in Shangong.

The typical dishes include:

  • Stir-fried Razor Clam in Hot Pepper (辣炒蛏子): It is a famous Lu dish with exquisite color and look. Also, razor clam is regarded as being beneficial for health by traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Stir-fried Clam in Hot Pepper (辣炒蛤蜊): It is one of the most common dishes in Rizhao. It is spicy and delicious, but if you are not good at eating spicy food, you'd better prepare in advance before you try.
  • Confucian Mansion Feast (孔府宴): It is an important part of the Han Chinese diet culture, and was used for receiving distinguish guests, wedding, funeral, etc. After hundreds of years’ development, it was enriched gradually and now becomes a family feast with unique flavor.
  • Taishan Tofu Feast (泰山豆腐宴): Taishan Tofu Feast gets good fame from those who have visited here, and it is always missed by tourists. According to the historical records, it originated in Han Dynasty and played a key role in emperors’ ceremonies and rituals. In addition to the long history, the unique Mount Tai spring water brings it good taste and makes it different from tofu in other places.
  • Soy Preserved Eggplant (酱摩茄): It is a special dish in Mount Tai. Taking unique eggplants as ingredients, they would be preserved by soy sauce. After half of month, it is done.
  • Mount Tai Three Beauty (泰山三美): Three beauties in Mount Tai are cabbage, tofu and spring ogre Mount Tai. Three high-quality ingredients make the dish fresh and tasty.
  • Penglai Noodles (蓬莱小面): It is a traditional snack with long history in Yantai. This kind of noodles is handmade. Lots of seasonings are added and its thick seafood flavor is fully shown.
  • Jiaozi Stuffed with Mackerel (鲅鱼水饺): Shandong provides good location which is rich in seafood so that food there specializes in fresh ingredients from the sea. Mackerels are good ingredients in spring. When they were stuffed in Jiaozi, it becomes a dish that shows local characteristics.

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