Shandong Travel Tips

Important Numbers

  • China International Country Code Number: 0086
  • Check Telephone Number: 114
  • Weather Report: 12121, 96121
  • Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110
  • Shandong Tourism Complaint: 0531-82963423
  • Clothing

    You had better bring some clothes that are easy to dry when you go to enjoy the sea and seascape here, because the air would be moist. Bring sunglasses and sun scream with you.

    Take suitable shoes if you visit Mount Tai or some mountainous tourist destinations.


    Take antidiarrheal and antiallergic medicine with you in case of discomfort after eating seafood.


    If you would like to eat seafood here, eat and buy fresh seafood. Hui people are Muslims, so if you visit somewhere the Hui people live, please respect their customs and culture.


    Keep your belongings in sight, especially in where sea of people appears.
    Take care of your own safety while climbing mountains or going to some mountainous tourist sites.