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Chinese Name: 潍坊市 English IPA: /weifɑ:ŋ/ Location: Central part of the Shandong Peninsula Population (city): 93,630,000 Language: Weifang dialect, Liaojiao Mandarin and Jilu Mandarin Zip code: 261000 Tel code: 0536 Time zone: UTC+8

Weifang is a prefecture-level city in central Shandong province, People’s Republic of China. It enjoys a good location that borders Taiyi Mountains in the south, Laizhou Bay of Bohai Sea in the north, Qingdao and Yantai in the east and Dongying and Zibo in the west. The city’s fine location contributes to culture connection with nearby places, local economic development, tourism, etc. Also, with a long history, Weifang offers profound culture which could be manifests in cultural sites, specialties, customs, etc.


  • Various Tourist Sites: Weifang has numerous natural and historic sites, such as Shihu Garden (from the Late Ming and early Qing Dynasty), Fangong Pavilion (from the Song Dynasty), fossil sites (including dinosaur fossils, in Shanwang, Linqu), Mount Yi National Forest Park, Mount Qingyun and the Old Dragon Spring, etc.
  • Kite Culture: Kite flying is a traditional culture in Weifang. In 1984, the first international kite festival was held there. Since then, Weifang holds the Weifang International Kite Festival each year.
  • Painting: Annual Board of Yangjiabu, one of the three most famous Chinese folk paintings in history, sees a long history which could be traced back to the end of the Ming Dynasty. Generally, people replace the old Annual Broads with the new ones on the eve of Spring Festival in order to give blessings to the family and friends in the following year.
  • Gaomi Papercutting: Papercutting, the art of cutting paper designs, has a long history in Gaomi city. Papercutting would be pasted as decoration in Spring Festival or Lantern Festival. In in December 2006, it was listed in the first patch of Shandong provincial intangible cultural heritage list.

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Weifang Attractions

With 2 5-A level scenic sites and 24 4-A grade scenic spots, there are a number of things to do if you travel there. Here we have a list of what to visit in Weifang including the Ancient City of Qingzhou, Yishan Mountain Scenic Spot in Yimengshan Tourist Area, Changshan Culture Museum, Sanyuanzhu Village in Shouguang, Weihe Park, the City of Jingzhijiu Wine, Shouguang Happy Coastal Tourist Site, Dinosaur Museum in Zhecheng city, etc. [...]

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Weifang Tours

As a city with a long history and with all sorts of natural and cultural tourist sites, Weifang enjoys good development of tourism. So you can visit lots of places there. If you would like to see the ancient architectures and feel their culture, the Ancient City of Qingzhou would be a good choice for you. And if you are a dinosaur lover, you could visit Dinosaur Museum in Zhecheng city. Of course, planned Weifang tours would assist you better [...]

Climate & When to Go

The city is marked by four distinctive seasons, with hot summer and cold winter. The temperature rises rapidly in spring and drops sharply in autumn. The spring here comes with much wind, little rain and especially changeful temperature in early spring. Also, cold spell often occurs. But late spring enjoys quick back of warm weather. Summer here experiences hot weather and abundant rainfall, with high temperature and humid days. Autumn sees lovely weather with clear sky and cool weath er. But [...]

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Convenient and well-constructed transportation systems are conductive to all respects of a city like economy, people’s livelihood, education, tourism, etc. Especially for tourists, the condition of transportation could directly impact tourists’ tendency of choosing tourist destinations. Here we provided some basic information about transportation in Weifang for you. How to Get & Leave There Airway Weifang Nanyuan Airport Weifang Nanyuan Airport is located in Kuiwen District. It started to work in 1996, and it is only 7 miles far away from city proper. [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Some festivals could be limited by time like those ones concerning with flowers, fruits, etc. so that tourists had better learn some details about activities if they want to take part in. Also, festivals in each place vary from one to another, which is quite helpful to know culture while enjoying in person. This part provides some special and popular festivals and activities that are worth to engage in and their corresponding details to refer to. Yangkou Fishing Season Activities Time: the [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers City Code: 0536 Zip code: 261000 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Tourist Complaints: 0536-8220405 Taxi Complaints: 0536-963369 Weather Forecast: 12121 Zip Code Inquiry: 184 Bank of China: 0536-8216666 Post Office Kuiwen Post Office: No.88 Minshengdong Street, Kuiwen District Fushou East Street Post Office: No.108, East Street Beihailu Post Office: No.1551, Longquan Street, Fangzi District Hanting Post Office: No.358 Minzhu Street Hepinglu Post Office: No.4687 Heping Road, Weicheng District Foreign Exchange In Weifang, there are many branches of [...]

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Useful Maps

As prefecture-city in Shandong province, Weifang is situated in the central part of the Shandong Peninsula, North China. To show a clearer view of its location like in China or in Shandong province, Yunnan Adventure Travel’ve selected some maps for travelers to refer to so that visitors could easier to figure out what and where to visit and how to visit. These Weifang maps could be map of Weifang city, map of Weifang attractions, map of Weifang tour routes, map [...]

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Weifang Accommodation

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