Weifang Climate

The city is marked by four distinctive seasons, with hot summer and cold winter. The temperature rises rapidly in spring and drops sharply in autumn.

The spring here comes with much wind, little rain and especially changeful temperature in early spring. Also, cold spell often occurs. But late spring enjoys quick back of warm weather. Summer here experiences hot weather and abundant rainfall, with high temperature and humid days. Autumn sees lovely weather with clear sky and cool weath er. But late autumn may face drought. Winter comes with cold days and heavy wind.

More than 70% of the annual precipitation occurs from June to September, and sunshine is generally abundant year-round. A majority of the annual precipitation occurs in July and August alone. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 47% in July to 62% in April, the city receives 2,536 hours of bright sunshine annually, and sunshine is abundant except during the summer months.

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