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Chinese Name: 威海 English IPA: /weɪhai/ Location: Eastern Shandong province, China Population (city): 2,825,600 Language: Mandarin, Weihai dialect which belongs to Jiaoliao Mandarin Zip code: 264200 Tel code: 0631 Time zone: UTC+8

As a prefecture-level city in Shandong province, Weihai makes the best of its own development opportunity and economic strength to move forward quickly. And it achieved great results. In 2015, Weihai became the demonstration city of China Korea Free Trade Area. In 2016, the State Council named it as the first patch of national new urbanization comprehensive pilot area. In 2017, it ranked in the fifth session of the national civilized city. At the same year, its index of the all-round well-off society was in the 24th. In 2018, it was selected in the first patch of demonstration city of social credit system construction. Also, there are a great deal of tourist attractions which could bring tourists appalling sites, so Weihai’s tourism grows well.


  • Seafood: Weihai borders to the Yellow Sea on its three sides so that seafood is quite abundant here. You could finds seafood of all levels here.
  • Korean Food and Products: Weihai is across from South Korea over the sea so that the communication and South Korea has started long time ago. You could buy Korean products and eat authentic Korean food in Weihai.
  • Wonderful Landscape and Seascape: Pleasant climate benefits local plants so that Weihai enjoys large area of forest coverage. And lots of scenic spots provide lovely views for visiting. Also, appreciating fascinating seascape from hotels, scenic sites, restaurants, square, roads, etc. no matter daytime or nighttime, it would be attractive experience.

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Weihai Attractions

With 1 national 5-A level traveling scenic site, 8 national 4-A level traveling scenic spots, 6 national 3-A level tourist attractions, 1 national 2-A tourist sites, 4 provincial tourism resorts, and other sightseeing sites 80 plus, you would realize its beauty and be amazed by these wonderful natural sceneries and profound cultural sites. So there are a lot of Weihai tourist attentions you could visit like Liugong Island, Weihai Huaxia Tourist Spot, Xixiakou, Chengshantou Scenic Spot, Weihai Chishan Mountain Scenic [...]

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Weihai Tours

As a prefecture-level city in Shandong, Weihai provides a variety of tourist resources. So you’d better give some plans for your Weihai tours so that you could make the best of your trip time. If you like visit some place that has both natural scenery and cultural sites, you are recommended to pay a visit to Liugong Island. If you enjoy seascape, you could visit Chengtoushan Mountain Scenic Spot that locates in the eastmost side of Chengshan Mountains and is [...]

Climate & When to Go

Impacted by the sea, climate here comes with varied four seasons and the onset and retreat of monsoon. In varying seasons, the climate here is different. Here is some information about Weihai climate in four seasons. Spring (March-- May) In this time, warm air becomes active, but there are still cold air forces which cause alternating high and low pressure flow movement, so that varied climate forms. From April to May, the northern and southern heavy wind appears alternately so this two [...]

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Transportation part provides you more detailed information about Weihai transportation ways like airway, railway, expressway, waterway, etc. How to Get to & Leave Weihai Airway Weihai International Airport Weihai International Airport is situated in Dashuibo Town, it is only miles away the city proper. It serves the city with regular flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Harbin, etc. domestically, and for international flights, they could reach the Korean cities of Seoul and Pusan. The airport is the fourth busiest airport in Shandong following Qingdao, Jinan [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Weihai festival and activity part provides you some information about local and unique festivals and activities that you could take part in during your visiting in Weihai in detail. Ronghai International Fishermen Festival Time: July 23 th –26th , once every three years The Host Venue: Shidao Main Activities: Offering sacrifices to the sea, corresponding competition of boating, fishing, netting, aquatic products processing, the exhibition of products and local specialties and a series of lantern show, flower show, painting and calligraphy exhibition, evening party [...]

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Travel Tips

Useful Telephone Numbers City Code: 0631 Zip code: 264200 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120 Police: 110 Traffic Events: 122 Taxi Complaints: 0631-5224335 Tourist Complaints (Weihai): 0631-5315555 Tourist Complaints (Shandong): 0531-82963423 Post Office Weihai City Post Office: No.44-404 Wenhua East Road, Huancui District Wendeng City Post Office: No.32, Wenshan Road, Wendeng District Rushan City Post Office: No.74, Shengli Street, Rushan city Liugong Island Post Office: No.48, Haibin North Road, Liugong Island, Huancui District Wendeng Development Zone Post Office: No.24 Longshan Road, [...]

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Useful Maps

In order to give our tourists much more clearly of their location and where they are in or where they go, we offer some Weihai maps here. These maps of Weihai could cover Weihai location map, Weihai region map, Weihai in China Map, Weihai transportation map, Weihai tours map, Weihai tourist attractions map, etc. [...]

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Weihai Accommodation

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