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Chinese Name: 海口 English IPA: Haikou Location: The North of Hainan Island Population (city): 2302300 Language: Hainanese and Mandarin Zip code: 570000 Tel code: 0898 Time zone: UTC+8

Haikou, also named “YeCheng(the City of Coconut)”, provincial capital of Hainan province, national “One Belt And One Road” strategic pivot city, China (hainan) pilot free trade zone (harbor) core city, is located in the north of Hainan island, is the political, economic, technological and cultural center of Hainan province and the largest transportation hub. It is adjacent to Wenchang in the east, Chengmai in the west, Anding in the south and Qiongzhou strait in the north. Haikou is located in the tropical zone, tropical resources show diversity, it is a southern coastal city rich in natural coastal scenery. It has a history of thousand years since the northern song dynasty. Haikou city was founded on December 9, 1926 and liberated on April 23, 1950. On April 13, 1988, Hainan province was established and Haikou became the capital of Hainan province.


  • Coastal Scenery: Colorful sun umbrellas, uniform beach chairs, white buoys on the sea, bustling crowds, and towering watchtowers constitute the holiday feeling of the open-air baths. The beach is the place that Haikou citizens love most, and swimming in holiday beach to enjoy sea water bath has become an indispensable part of the daily life of Haikou Citizens. In the volcanoes world geoparks, there are thousands of volcanoes, fertile red soil, green coconut trees, blue sea and silver beach cleverly paints the beauty of harmony of the five colors. 
  • Featured Festival and Celebration: The featured festivals and celebrations in Haikou include Gongqi(公期), Flowers Exchange Festival(换花节) and Merry Making Festival of Hainan Island(海南岛欢乐节). 

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Haikou Attractions

Haikou, the capital of Hainan province, was once selected as a charming city with Chinese characteristics. It is not as famous as Sanya, and for this reason, it is also not as noisy as Sanya. However, the romantic feelings of island are still the same. Haikou is featured by beautiful scenery and numerous scenic spots and historical sites. Tourist attractions in Haikou are relatively concentrated. There are many attractions including Temple of the Five Lords(五公祠) which is known as "The [...]

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Haikou Tours

Haikou not only has the tropical amorous feelings outlined by the blue sea, blue sky, coconut trees and sunshine, but also has the romantic colors exuded from Li and Miao compatriots and traditional cuisine. If you want to take a train to Sanya or take a train to enjoy the coastal scenery of Hainan island, Haikou is a great place to start. Haikou tours are always connected with Sanya, the most popular tourist cities in Hainan Province. Haikou boasts both beautiful scenery and numerous scenic spots [...]

Climate & When to Go

Haikou city is located in the northern margin of the low-latitude tropics, belonging to the tropical monsoon climate. Haikou has no severe cold in the winter, remaining green throughout the year, warm and comfortable.  Weather Graphs Note: The graphs are for reference only.  Features of Haikou Climate Haikou has a long annual sunshine duration and large radiation energy. The average [...]

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Haikou is the political, economic, cultural and technological center, and the largest transportation hub in Hainan province. Transportation to Haikou is convenient.  How to Get to Haikou By Air Haikou Meilan International Airport(海口美兰国际机场) In the summer and autumn of 2018, Haikou Meilan international airport had air routes to 105 cities at home and abroad, covering all provincial capitals and major cities in China. A total of 40 airlines operated 169 routes at Haikou Meilan international airport. Haikou Meilan airport has convenient transportation. There is [...]

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Festivals and Activities

In the long history of Chinese civilization, Hainan island has a long history and unique culture. The migration of population, the integration of ethnic groups and the integration of languages make it a unique multi-culture. Today, there are many festivals and celebrations in Haikou, still remained and celebrated.  Coconut Festival(椰子节) Date: In the late March or early April Hainan island is also known as "coconut island", coconut trees are the symbol of Hainan. Every year, Hainan international coconut festival is held in Haikou, [...]

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Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Haikou, here below are some useful Haikou travel tips which may be helpful for your Haikou tour.  Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area Code: 0898 Zip Code: 570000 Weather Forecast: 12121 Consumer Complaint: 12315 Check Telephone Number: 114 Haikou Association of Scenic Area: 0898-68528999  Haikou Tourism Service Center: 0898-66296026/0898-66296123  Hainan Tourism Information Network Center: 0898-65306003 Haikou Tourism Complaints: 0898-66797846 Haikou Public Security Bureau: 0898-68530977  Haikou Public Security Fire Station: 0898-65230014 Bus Complaint Phone: 0898-66663066/0898-66665666 Best Time to Visit October to May of the following year is the best time to visit Haikou. During this period, Haikou is calm and the climate was pleasant. When cold [...]

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Useful Maps

Haikou city is located in the north of Hainan island, close to Qiongzhou strait in the north, and faces Hai'an town of Guangdong province at a distance of 18 nautical miles. It is adjacent to Wenchang in the east, Chengmai in the west and Anding in the south. The total area of the city is 3145.93 square kilometers, of which the land area is 2,284.49 square kilometers, the sea area is 861.44 square kilometers, and the coastline is 136.23 kilometers. To help you have a [...]

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Haikou Accommodation

Haikou is not as famous as Sanya, but for this reason, it is also not as noisy as Sanya. As the political, economic, scientific, technological and cultural center and the largest transportation hub of Hainan province, Haikou enjoys sound economic development and relatively complete infrastructure. So tourists to Haikou don't need to worry about accommodation, and the accommodation condition there is not bad. Here below are some starred hotels in Haikou.  Recommended Hotels in Haikou 5-star Hotels in Haikou Tianyou Grand Hotel(天佑大酒店) Address: No.239, Binhai Avenue, [...]

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