Haikou Administrative Divisions

Haikou City has jurisdiction over 4 districts, including 21 sub-districts, 22 town, 207 community and 245 villages. 

4 Districts: Xiuying District(秀英区), Longhua District(龙华区), Qiongshan District(琼山区), Meilan district(美兰区)

Administrative Divisions Area(Sq.km) Geographical Location Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Xiuying District(秀英区) 511.5 Northwest of Haikou City No.2, Xiuhua Road秀华路2号 Xiuying Sub-district(秀英街道), Haixiu Sub-district(海秀街道), Changliu Town(长流镇), Xixiu Town(西秀镇), Haixiu Town(海秀镇), Shishan Town(石山镇), Yongxing Town(永兴镇), Dongshan Town(东山镇)
Longhua District(龙华区) 300.6 Central North of Haikou City No.19, Longkun North Road龙昆北路19号 Chengxi Town(城西镇), Longqiao Town(龙桥镇), Xinpo Town(新坡镇), Zuntan Town(遵谭镇), Longquan Town(龙泉镇), Zhongshan Sub-district(中山街道), Binhai Sub-district(滨海街道), Jinmao Sub-district(金贸街道), Datong Sub-district(大同街道), Haiken Sub-district(海垦街道), Jinyu Sub-district(金宇街道)
Qiongshan District(琼山区) 953.9 Central South of Haikou City No.1, Jianguo Road建国路1号 Fengxiang Sub-district(凤翔街道), Fucheng Sub-district(府城街道), Binjiang Sub-district(滨江街道), Guoxing Sub-district(国兴街道), Yunlong Town(云龙镇), Longtang Town(龙塘镇), Hongqi Town(红旗镇), Sanmenpo Town(三门坡镇), Jiuzhou Town(旧州镇), Dapo Town(大坡镇), Jiazi Town(甲子镇)
Meilan district(美兰区) 581 Northeast of Haikou City No.8, Zhenxing Road振兴路8号 Lingshan Town(灵山镇), Yanfeng Town(演丰镇), Sanjiang Town(三江镇), Dazhipo Town(大致坡镇), Bailong Sub-district(白龙街道), Lantian Sub-district(蓝天街道), Hepingnan Sub-district(和平南街道), Haifu Sub-district(海府路街道), Boai Sub-district(博爱街道), Baisha Sub-district(白沙街道), Haidian Sub-district(海甸街道), Remin Road Sub-district(人民路街道), Xinbu Sub-district(新埠街道)

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