Haikou Dining

Hainan cuisine originated from the central plains cuisine, but in the process of development, it has integrated the characteristics of Fujian and Guangdong cuisine, and absorbed the dietary characteristics of local ethnic minorities such as Li and Miao. At the same time, the unique geographical environment allows Hainan cuisine to absorb some southeast Asian flavors. Although Hainan cuisine absorbs various regional cuisines in a disorderly way, it gradually forms its own unique style and flavor. In terms of food materials, Hainan cuisine is given priority to with seafood, fruits, with some wild herb and other local specialty materials, and the flavor is light and natural, which meet the dietary need of the local hot environment in Hainan.  

What to Eat in Haikou

Featured Hainan food include nourish cool, coconut chicken, Hainan rice noodle, Lingshui Sour Rice Noodle, coconut rice, fish pot, dad tea and so on. 

Nourish Cool

It is a refreshing dessert with Hainan characteristics. It can relieve the heat in summer. And you can drink the warm nourish cool in winter. Coconut water nourish cool and coconut milk nourish cool are very popular in Hainan.

Coconut Chicken

Coconut chicken is a famous dish with a perfect combination of color, aroma and taste. It is cooked with coconut and tender chicken, with salty and fresh taste, fragrant coconut flavor and clear soup. It has the effect of tonifying Qi and promoting fluid.

Dad Tea(老爸茶)

Dad tea originated in the west is the featured tea culture of Haikou city. Westerners like to drink black tea with sugar or milk in their leisure time, together with western dessert. Later, these habits spread to Singapore, Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao and other places where eastern and western cultures are integrated. In these places, many Hainan people who went out to make a living from Hainan island at that time also brought these living habits back to Hainan when they returned home.

Where to Eat in Haikou

Night market appeared in the Tang dynasty, now refers to market where people do business at night, vendors mainly sell groceries, food snacks, games and other items. Night market has become an important display window of urban characteristics. The night market is an important tourist attraction in many tropical and subtropical regions and an indispensable element in the daily life and culture of Hainan island residents. In addition, arcaded snack street like a uniform gear, the flavor, quality, service levels vary. Hainan rice noodle is very good and Indian Roti Prata is quite tasty. There are many people at Haikou arcaded snack street, where is a good place to experience Hainan snacks.

1. Haikou Arcaded Snack Street(海口骑楼小吃街)
Address: No.2, Datong Road, Longhua District, Haikou City海口市龙华区大同路2号
Tel: 0898-66220966/0898-66220688

2. Yu Shang Pin(芋上品)
Address: No.4, Datong Road, Longhua District, Haikou City海口市龙华区大同路4号
Tel: 13962949008

3. Xin Qi Wei(新奇味)
Address: No.24, Longhua Road, Longhua District, Haikou City海口市龙华区龙华路24号
Tel: 0898-66267273

4. Jinpan Night Market(金盘夜市)
Address: No.8, Jinpan Road, Longhua District, Haikou City海口市龙华区金盘路8号

5. Haiken Garden Night Market(海垦花园夜市)
Address: No.119, Nanhai Avenue, Longhua District, Haikou City海口市龙华区南海大道119号
Tel: 13876036686

6. Night Market of South Gate of Hainan University(海大南门夜市)
Address: No.14, Sanxi Road, Meilan District, Haikou City海口市美兰区三西路14号

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