Haikou Festivals and Events

In the long history of Chinese civilization, Hainan island has a long history and unique culture. The migration of population, the integration of ethnic groups and the integration of languages make it a unique multi-culture. Today, there are many festivals and celebrations in Haikou, still remained and celebrated. 

Coconut Festival(椰子节)

Date: In the late March or early April

Hainan island is also known as "coconut island", coconut trees are the symbol of Hainan. Every year, Hainan international coconut festival is held in Haikou, integrating tourism, culture, folk customs, sports, economy and trade, with Hainan coconut culture and Li and Miao "San Yue San" folk customs as the main features. During the coconut festival, there are many activities, including coconut city lantern show, coconut street, Li and Miao people's get-together, international dragon boat race, ethnic martial arts challenge competition, cultural and sports performances, Li and Miao weddings, ancestor worship and so on. It is the local festival activities with largest scale and greatest effect. 

Junpo Festival(军坡节)

Date: From the 9th day to the 19th day of the 2nd lunar month

Naojunpo(闹军坡) is a folk custom of Hainan people, and it has been said for more than 1,300 years. Junpo is divided into "Gongqi(公期)" and "Poqi(婆期)", which are mainly folk activities of offering sacrifices to ancestors and historical figures. Today, Naojunpo is generally to commemorate Lady Xian(冼夫人).

Fucheng Flowers Exchange Festival(府城换花节)

"Flower exchange festival" originated from "incense exchange festival", in the late Tang dynasty, every year when the Lantern Festival, there was incense exchange festival, decorated with lanterns and streamers. Incense exchange means that local people exchange the incense each other, with the blessing of making a fortune and having a large family. In 1984, Haikou people changed the custom of "exchanging incense" to "exchanging flowers" for the sake of festival security, and "changing flowers" gradually became the main activity of people's Lantern Festival, and evolved into a new custom for young people to pursue love.

Merry Making Festival in Hainan Island(欢乐节)

Hainan merry making festival is a provincial tourism festival jointly organized by Hainan provincial people's government and national tourism administration. It is held in December every year. As a specially planned tourism festival activity, this festival shapes the tourism image of Hainan "Merry Island, Holiday Paradise". The festival is held in cities and counties across Hainan province, with different activities in different places, so that domestic and foreign tourists can have a variety of travel options and pleasant travel experience.

Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center

Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center

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