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Chinese Name: 三亚市 English IPA: Sanya Location: The Southernmost of Hianan Island Population (city): 614647 Language: Southern Fujian Dialect, Hianan Dialect, Li Language Zip code: 572000 Tel code: 0898 Time zone: UTC+8

Sanya(三亚), abbreviated as Ya, called Yazhou in the ancient time, or another name of Lucheng, is a prefecture-level city under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province, located at the southernmost end of Hainan Island. Sanya is adjacent to Lingshui County in the east, Ledong County in the west, Baoting County in the north, and South China Sea in the South. Sanya City has a total land area of 1919.58 square kilometers and a total sea area of 6000 square kilometers. It is 91.6 kilometers long from east to west, 51 kilometers wide from north to south, and has jurisdiction over 4 districts. In 2018, the city’s end-of-year registered population is 614,647, inhabited by Han, Li, Miao and more than 20 ethnic groups. Sanya, as the most popular resort in China, attracts tourists with natural scenery such as seaside scenery, tropical rain forest and so on. Sanya is an international tourist city featuring tropical seaside landscapes, also known as “Oriental Hawaii.” Sanya has a large number of excellent ports, is an important port for foreign trade import and export. Therefore, it is also known as the “South Gate of China” to emphasize its importance, while playing a vital role in the life of southern China in the economic and political sphere.


  • Seaside Scenery: Sanya, China’s most popular vacation resort, attracts tourists with its seaside scenery, tropical rain forests and other natural attractions. Sanya can be divided into four major regions: Sanya bay, Dadonghai sea, Yalong bay and Haitang bay. The four bays with unique seaside scenery are connected to each other along the coastline and are the main activity area for tourists to visit Sanya.
  • Famous Attractions: Sanya is located in the maritime tropical monsoon climate zone, with unique and rich tourist resources, owns the most scenic spot and the most densely populated places in Hainan province. On the two hundred kilometers coastline, there are Yalong bay, Dadonghai sea, Luhuitou park, Tianya and Haijiao, the sea mountain wonders, Nanshan culture tourism zone, Yanuoda rainforest scenic area, Wuzhizhou island and other famous tourist attractions at home and aboard.
  • Minority Folk-custom: Hainan’s indigenous people are mostly Li and Miao, they have maintained their traditional way of life for many years. Tourists can enjoy performances, visit ancient villages, buy hand-sewn handicrafts and experience the most unsophisticated ethnic culture in these scenic spots full of ethnic customs.
  • Fresh Seafood: A feast of seafood is indispensable in Sanya, and there are countless seafood shops along the street. However, how to choose a seafood processing shop with excellent cooking skills and reasonable prices needs to rely on tourists’ “penetrating insight”. There are three major seafood markets in Sanya: The First Market, Youyi road seafood square for laid-off workers and Chunyuan seafood plaza(春园海鲜广场). Among them, the First Market has the largest scale and the largest number of tourists. There is also a night market to visit in the evening, which is the best choice for eating seafood.

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Sanya Attractions

Sanya is located at the southernmost end of Hainan Island in China. The narrow city sits on the coastline that stretches hundreds of kilometers. Its stunning seaside scenery has made sanya China's most famous seaside resort, earning it the reputation of "Oriental Hawaii". It not only has the five elements of modern international tourism - sunshine, seawater, beach, green vegetation, clean air, but also has rivers, ports, hot springs, caves, pastoral, tropical flora and fauna, ethnic customs and other distinctive tourism [...]

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Sanya Tours

Sanya is noted for its beach with clear seawater and white sand, lush rain forest, cheap and fine seafood. Generally, Sanya tours are connected with other top destinations in Hainan, like Haikou. But it is recommended to spend at least 4-5 days travelling in Sanya, since a seaside resort like Sanya is a good place to slow down. And the local attractions are not concentrated and are distributed along the narrow coastline from east to west. The distance between the scenic spots [...]

Climate & When to Go

Sanya lies on the mountain in the north and the sea in the south, and the terrain gradually tilts from north to south, forming a narrow and long polyhedral shape. In addition, Sanya is located at low latitudes and is greatly affected by ocean monsoon, enjoying a tropical marine monsoon climate, with an annual average temperature of about 25.4℃. Feature of Sanya Climate [...]

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As a top tourist destination in China, the transportation in Sanya is convenient. You can get to Sanya by air, train, long-distance bus or ship. How to Get to Sanya By Air At present, flights from all over China to Sanya are very frequently, with more than 200 direct flight routes covering more than 70 cities nationwide. Except Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, provincial capitals and popular tourist cities all have flights to Sanya, which can be easily reached. In addition, Sanya phoenix [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Half of Sanya's local population is made up of ethnic minorities, including more than 20 ethnic groups such as Li, Miao and Hui. These ethnic cultures also constitute the most distinctive urban symbol of Sanya. For thousands of years, while promoting each other's prosperity and development, all ethnic groups in Sanya have always adhered to their own most simple life mode and ethnic characteristics, which have been maintained to this day. The ancient Miao village and Betelnut valley Miao culture [...]

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Travel Tips

To have a better travel experience in Sanya, here are some useful Sanya travel tips which may be helpful for your Sanya tour.  Useful Numbers Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area Code: 0898 Zip Code: 572000 Traffic Accident: 122 Weather Forecast: 12121 Road Traffic Accident: 112 Sanya Food Hygiene Complaint: 0898-88281474 Sanya Travel Service Complaint: 0898-88392211 Tourism Transportation Consultation: 0898-88276703 Multilingual Counseling: 0898-88880000 Marine Bureau Police Call: 0898-88272063 Sanya Phoenix Airport: 0898-88289390/0898-88289389 Tourist Service Hotline: 0898-31888888 Hainan Province Price Complaint: 12358 Taxi Service Complaint: 0898-88667803 Consumer Rights Complaints Hotline: 0898-88261315 Travel Consultation Sanya Tourism Information Service Station Airport Tourism Information Service Station Address: Exit 3 of Domestic Arrival Hall, Fenghuang International Airport凤凰国际机场国内到大厅3号出口 Tel: 38882088 Dadonghai Tourism Information Service Station [...]

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Useful Maps

Sanya is located at the southernmost end of Hainan Island, adjacent to Lingshui County in the east, Ledong County in the west, Baoting County in the north, and South China Sea in the South. Sanya City has a total land area of 1919.58 square kilometers and a total sea area of 6000 square kilometers. There are many attractions, roads and hotels in Sanya. To help you have a better understanding of the location of Sanya, we have collected some useful Sanya maps including Sanya transportation [...]

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Sanya Accommodation

Sanya, a southern city surrounded by blue sea, soft beach, fresh air and romantic sunshine, is a dream holiday paradise. As a international tourist city, it is quite convenient for tourists to find a hotel to stay in Sanya, ranging from luxury hotels to economic hotels. And there are a lot of resort hotels in Sanya. Among so many Sanya hotels, people usually choose to stay in the hotel near Yalong bay or Dadonghai sea. Yalong bay gathers the [...]

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