Sanya Administrative Divisions

Sanya city has jurisdiction over 4 administrative districts, including 49 communities and 92 village committees. The seat of municipal government is in Jiyang District. 

4 Districts: Haitang District(海棠区), Jiyang District(吉阳区), Tianya District(天涯区), Yazhou District(崖州区)

Administrative Divisions Area( Population Zip Code  Seat of Government Areas Under Jurisdiction
Haitang District(海棠区) 384.2 76,562(in 2017)


No.116, Xinmin Road(新民路116号) Yongning Community(永宁社区), Linwang Community(林旺社区), Tenghai Community(藤海社区), Tengqiao Village(藤桥村), Longlou Village(龙楼村), Yingtou Village(营头村), Longhai Village(龙海村), Yelin Village(椰林村), Dongxi Village(东溪村), Haifeng Village(海丰村), Shengchang Village(升昌村), Qingtian Village(青田村), Jianglin Village(江林村), Longjiang Village(龙江村), Zhuangda Village(庄大村), Linxin Village(林新村), Fengtang Village(凤塘村), Hongli Village(洪李村), Beishan Village(北山村), Sanzao Village(三灶村), Wanpo Village(湾坡村), Tielu Village(铁炉村)
Jiyang District(吉阳区) 372.06 284,900(in 2018) 572099 Yingbin Road(迎宾路) Yuechuan Community(月川社区), Linchun Community(临春社区), Ronggen Community(榕根社区), Luhuitou Community(鹿回头社区), Gangmencun(Gangmen Village) Community(港门村社区), Shangpinjie(commodity street) Community(商品街社区), Xiayangtian Community(下洋田社区), Hongjiao Community(红郊社区), Hongsha Community(红沙社区), Danzhou Community(丹州社区), Dadonghai Community(大东海社区), Chunguang Community(春光社区), Zhuoda Community(卓达社区), Xinyue Community(新月社区), Lizhigou Community(荔枝沟社区), Xincun Community(新村社区), Yuehe Community(月河社区), Nanxinju Community(南新居), Sanya College Community(三亚学院社区), Hailuo Village(海罗村), Anluo Village(安罗村), Dongan Village(东岸村), Tiandu Village(田独村), Zhongliao Village(中廖村), Damao Village(大茅村), Liudao Village(六道村), Bohou Village(博后村), Liupan Village(六盘村), Longpo Village(龙坡村), Gangou Village(干沟村), Yuhong Village(榆红村), Hongtukan Village(红土坎村), Xinhong Village(新红村), Luofeng Village(罗逢村), Honghua Village(红花村), Baopo Village(抱坡村), Luobi Village(落笔村), Nanding Village(南丁村)
Tianya District(天涯区) 944 244,100(in 2018) 572029 Fenghuang Road(凤凰路) Danzhou Village Community(儋州村社区), Qunzhongjie (Qunzhong Street) Community(群众街社区), Jianshejie(Jianshe Street) Community(建设街社区), Hongqijie(Hongqi Street) Community(红旗街社区), Zhaoyanglu Community(朝阳路社区), Youyilu Community(友谊路社区), Jichanglu Community(机场路社区), Jinjiling Community(金鸡岭社区), Xidao(West Island) Community(西岛社区), Yugang Community(榆港社区), Nanhai Community(南海社区), Xinjian Community(新建社区), Heping Community(和平社区), Guangming Community(光明社区), Chunyuan Community(春园社区), Changzhan Community(场站社区), Yazitang Community(鸭仔塘社区), Lingbei Community(岭北社区), Maling Community(马岭社区), Huixin Community(回新社区), Huihui Community(回辉社区), Yangxin Community(羊新社区), Binglang Village(槟榔村), Haipo Village(海坡村), Miaolin Village(妙林村), Xinlian Village(新联村), Yanglan Village(羊栏村), Shuijiao Village(水蛟村), Meicun Village(梅村村), Tongjing Village(桶井村), Tailou Village(台楼村), Baoqian Village(抱前村), Baolong Village(抱龙村), Lixin Village(立新村), Zhanan Village(扎南村), Heitu Village(黑土村), Bufu Village(布甫村), Hongtang Village(红塘村), Taling Village(塔岭村), Wenmen Village(文门村), Guoling Village(过岭村), Huali Village(华丽村)
Yazhou District(崖州区) 347 160,000(in 2018) 572024 Yazhou Avenue(崖州大道) Dongguan Community(东关社区), Quexin Community(雀信社区), Dongjing Community(东京社区), Zhonghe Community(中和社区), Longgang Community(龙港社区), Wenming Community(文明社区), Meilian Community(梅联社区), Chengdong Village(城东村), Gongbei Village(拱北村), Yacheng Village(崖城村), Chengxi Village(城西村), Shuinan Village(水南村), Dadan Village(大蛋村), Nanshan Village(南山村), Baogu Village(抱古村),  Beiling Village(北岭村), Chicao Village(赤草村), Gangmen Village(港门村), Qianlong Village(乾隆村), Lingao Village(临高村), Baoping Village(保平村), Yanzao Village(盐灶村), Haitang Village(海棠村), Meidong Village(梅东村), Changshan Village(长山村), Fengling Village(凤岭村), Sanqianmi(Three Thousand Meters) Village(三千米村), Meixi Village(梅西村), Sangeng Village(三更村), Zhenhai Village(镇海村), Yaan Village(雅安村)

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