Sanya Shopping

Sanya produces a wide variety of local tourism products, ranging from jewelry crafts such as crystal necklaces and pearl jewelry to gourmet specialties such as coconut sugar, coffee and yellow lantern chili sauce. For shopping mania, there is a holy land of shopping in Sanya, that is the world's largest single duty-free shop - Haitang bay duty-free store. Haitang bay duty-free store gathers a lot of international famous brands of cosmetics, bags, jewelry, clothing, shoes and hats and so on, no need to go abroad, you can enjoy duty-free prices, full of temptation.

What to Buy in Sanya

Tropical Fruit/Dried Fruit

Come to Sanya, tropical fruits are certainly not to be missed. The unique climate here makes a wide variety of local tropical fruits, and the price is very low. Many of the more expensive fruits in the north can be eaten at once in Sanya. There are many fruit stalls on the curbside in Sanya, mainly concentrated near the First Market. Tourists can buy and eat fruits there, and the stalls near the First Market can help tourists pack the fruits, and deliver to the home. If you think the fresh fruit is too heavy and hard to store, you can buy bagged dried fruit in specialty stores. It is light and can be stored for a long time, at the same time, can also serve as a gift to friends and relatives. Recommend tasting fruit: Australian mango, red coconut, durian, mangosteen, Carambola, wax apple, guava, red pitaya, jack fruit.

Dried Seafood

Sanya has a long reputation for its seafood and tourists can buy some local dried seafood to take home. The Honggang market, next to the dock, is the best place to buy dried seafood. The market is full of dried seafood, including bales of sea snakes, yards of shrimp balls, big dried sea fish and seasoned shrimp. These larger seafood is made into dried aquatic products once caught. Not only will they be of better quality, but the taste will also be more delicious and fragrant than those of cities far from sea. 

Hainan Coffee

The geographical location of Hainan island is the best place in the world to produce coffee. Hainan coffee is strong but not bitter, fragrant but not strong, with a little bit of fruit taste, is the best in coffee. The "three-in-one" instant coffee produced in Hainan is specially made with coconut milk, it is more fragrant than ordinary coffee beans. You can buy it in various supermarkets of Sanya.

Coconut Products

In Sanya, you can drink coconut juice and see coconut trees everywhere, and of course, there are also all kinds of special gifts made of coconut. With coconut juice and coconut meat as raw materials, they can be processed into coconut sugar, coconut slices, coconut cake, coconut powder, coconut jam, coconut shortbread, and so on, too many to count at a time. The coconut shell can also be made into handicrafts, carving on one's name and painting on a variety of animation modeling. In this coconut-winded city, you can buy some coconut-related food or handcrafts to bring home the good memories of tropical islands.

Yellow Lantern Chili Sauce

In Hainan restaurants, a small bottle of yellow chili sauce can be seen on almost every table, this is the famous Hainan "yellow lantern chili sauce". The yellow lantern chili sauce is a traditional seasoning of the Han ethnic group in Hainan province. Yellow pepper, produced in the south of Hainan, is lantern-shaped, with bright yellow color and beautiful appearance, also known as lantern pepper. By testing, yellow chili has a spiciness of 150, 000 units, thus another name of pepper king. And all sorts of nutrition composition content surpass other chili greatly, especially the phosphor, calcium and iron necessary for human body, The content of various amino acid is particularly rich, nutrition and cellulose contents are also higher. In addition to helping digestion and improving appetite, and it also has the functions of strengthening stomach and spleen, helping in weight loss, promoting blood circulation, preventing and treating colds. 

Pearl Articles

The sea water around Sanya and Lingshui is warm, pollution-free and rich in Marine life, which provides good conditions for the growth of pearl shell. Sanya is abundant in pearls, among which southern pearl is the most famous. But the pearl price level is diverse, ranging from dozens of yuan to thousands of yuan. The pearl decorations include necklace, earrings, flower brooch, rings, as well as pearl layer powder with health and beauty functions and cheaper price. When in the purchase of pearls, you'd better buy them in the legitimate businesses, so as not to be deceived.

Crystal Products

Sanya natural crystal  is of high quality, and can be processed into a variety of necklaces, bracelets, chest ornaments, earrings, glasses and exquisite crystal crafts. Crystal product has not only the adornment effect, but also the effect of health care to human body.

Manufactured Shells

As seaside resort, shell products are naturally indispensable in Sanya. Many local souvenir shops in Sanya sell small gifts made of shells, such as bracelets, ornaments, aeolian bells of shell and so on. A big bag of beautiful shells only sell ten something. Of course, manufactured shells at hotels and shop counters are more expensive, and you can buy them from vendors and learn to bargain with hawkers. In addition, when you are walking on the beach, you might as well look down and pick up some natural shells scattered on the beach.


Sanya's main specialty teas are mainly Hainan Languiren tea, Hainan Wuzhishan Kuding tea, Wuzhishan snow tea, Hainan Baisha green tea. From the attributes of tea, Hainan Languiren tea is a kind of oolong tea, with unique taste, smelling fragrant and drinking sweet, it is also the most popular tea in Hainan. The main effect of Hainan Kuding tea is to lower blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, and many people use it to lose weight. Hainan Wuzhishan snow tea is also quite unique, with lightly sweet aftertaste, moistening throat. Hainan Baisha green tea is also one of the specialties.

Hainan Island Clothing

Hainan island clothing is the most popular Hainan tourism shirt in Hainan province, people are used to calling it "island clothing". "Island clothing" is a kind of loose and comfortable floral shirt, but there are a variety of patterns, all designs are based on the cultural customs and natural products of Hainan island. Hainan island clothing, also called Hainan unlined upper garment, with strong Hainan characteristics, is suitable for the beautiful tropical seaside tourism city. Its presence conforms to the trend of simplification of international etiquette and the increasing trend of no-suit, no-tie diplomacy.

Where to Buy in Sanya

In Sanya, there are fewer large shopping malls, replaced by a series of characteristic shopping streets. In these shopping streets, there are mainly stalls, selling fruits, seafood, featured clothing, small gifts and so on.

Jiefang road pedestrian street is the most famous shopping pedestrian street in Sanya, with some fashion brands gathered there. The souvenir shops in the middle of the pedestrian street are even more popular. The noisy night market at the first market and the numerous fruit stalls at Honggang market are the best places for tourists to shop. Whether you want to pack delicious tropical fruits or choose local costumes, Sanya is always a excellent place where you can choose from a wide variety of goods.

Jiefang Road Pedestrian Street(解放路步行街)

Address: Jiefang Road in the Downtown of Sanya City三亚市区解放路
Tel: 0898-88084156

Jiefang road pedestrian street, neighboring Sanya Bus Terminal, is the first commercial pedestrian street in Sanya city. The street is about 230 meters long, which brings together numerous jewelry and various kinds of clothing. There is also a special arts and crafts street in the pedestrian street, which is also the gathering place of many fast food restaurants. There are shopping malls on the four sides of the pedestrian street, with numerous brand stores such as Calvin Klein, LACOSTE, Adidas, McDonald's, Watsons, Belle and Teenmix. 

The First Market(第一市场)

Address: No.155, Xinjian Street, Tianya District, Sanya City三亚市天涯区新建街155号

The first market is Sanya's most popular seafood and fruit market, but more and more people have come to think of it as a byword for this bustling neighborhood. It is home to many seafood processing shops, in the meantime, it owns many snack shops and small commodity night markets. 

The first market business district covers Xinmin street, Xinjian street, Hongqi street, coconut alley and other streets. There is a more than 600 meters long shopping street, almost all daily necessities can be bought there, as well as a variety of crafts and jewelry, and the price is very cheap.

The first market has the most seafood, delicious and cheap. After buying the seafood, you can find a seafood processing shop there to process for you, convenient and affordable. There are also a lot of fruit shops, you can buy a variety of Hainan specialty tropical fruit, but the prices are higher, remember to  make a counteroffer. 

Honggang Market(鸿港集贸市场)

Address: South of Yingbin Road, Jiyang District, Sanya City三亚市吉阳区迎宾路南
Tel: 15631161616

Honggang market was relocated from the site of Shengli road in downtown in February 2015. Today's Honggang market not only follows the main project of once specialized wholesale fruit, but also gathers large supermarkets, pedestrian streets, starred business hotels, chain hotels, cinemas, organic agriculture exhibition hall, household life shops, children's entertainment center, food square, seafood processing square and other functions.

Baihua Valley Commercial Street(百花谷商业街)

Address: Jiyang District of Sanya City三亚市吉阳区 

Baihua valley commercial street is located in the core area of Yalong bay. It is only 20 minutes' drive from Sanya downtown and only 35 minutes' drive from Sanya phoenix international airport. With convenient transportation, it is the only tropical style commercial street in Yalong bay resort that integrates catering, shopping, leisure and entertainment. Various kinds of delicious food from all over the World are integrated, such as Caidixuan, Lemongrass Thai Restaurant, Coffee World and other international catering brands. Of course, there are also characteristic bars and KTV, etc., which not only enable tourists to enjoy the sunshine of the beach, but also add passion and joy to their holiday life.

Sanya International Duty-free City(三亚国际免税城)

Address: No.118, Haitang North Road, Haitang District, Sanya City三亚市海棠区海棠北路118号
Tel: 400-699-6956
Business Hours: 09:00-22:00

Sanya international duty-free city is located in the coastal area of Haitang bay, and is a large-scale duty-free shop. This high-end building brings together all kinds of world famous brands, making Chinese citizens enjoy shopping tax exemption without going abroad. Sanya international duty-free city operates dozens of categories of goods such as perfume, jewelry, watches and leather products, including nearly 100 luxury brands such as GUCCI, Tiffany, Armani and Montblanc. The duty-free retail price of shopping in sanya duty-free shop is very awesome. And it serves many conveniences for customers, like customers can pay in the store and pick up the goods in the airport with the bill of lading.

Matters Need Attention When Shopping at Sanya Haitang Bay Duty-free Shop

  • Shopping Policy: Domestic tourists aged 16 or above who fly out of Hainan island but do not leave the country may purchase it once a year. The accumulative purchase price shall not exceed 8000 yuan (including 8000 yuan), and there is a certain limit on the number of pieces.
  • Airport Pick-up Shopping Process: Select products-Settle account at the checkout counter where the goods are-Check shopping eligibility-Verification of identity-Payment-Confirm identify and flight information-Goods storage-Keep the bill of lading-Shipment to airport-Pick up goods against bill of lading in airport exclusion zone. 
  • Suits Are More Cost-effective: Keep in mind that duty free stores limit the number of pieces. Therefore, you can ask the salesman if there is a suit of the product, because the set is only one item no matter how many items it contains, so that you can buy as many items as possible within the limited quantity.
  • Purchase Limit Amount and Quantity Must Be Strictly Observed: Duty-free shops have a limit on the amount of purchase, more than a penny is not allowed by policy. So before we purchase, it is best to make a rough shopping plan, to ensure that the most wanted items will not be limited to purchase restrictions firstly and then slowly choose other goods.
  • Price Comparison in Advance: The price of duty-free goods in Sanya does have a great advantage, but it is better to know the counter price of goods before departure, and then go to the duty-free shop for price comparison, make sure you get the goods you want at a more economic price. 
  • Place of Delivery: The place of delivery at Sanya Phoenix airport is the airport exclusion zone in the opposite of the VIP room of the China Southern Airlines; The place of Delivery of Haikou Meilan airport is the Gate 4 in the exclusion zone. 

Specialty Stores

The streets and alleys of Sanya are full of specialty stores. Tourists don't have to stick to one or two stores. The famous local specialty shops are Wanghao(旺豪), Wanghao(旺毫) and Fuleduo(福乐多). These three are the biggest specialty supermarkets in Sanya, with complete commodities and reasonable prices. Some supermarket stores are not on the street, but in the shopping center, so visitors can follow the map into the shopping center.

1. Wanghao Supermarket(旺豪超市)
Address: Shengli Road, Tianya District, Sanya City三亚市天涯区胜利路
Tel: 0898-31083777/0898-31083999/13025198504

2. Wanghao Supermarket(旺毫超市)
Address: No.415, Jiefang Road, Tianya District, Sanya City三亚市天涯区解放路415号
Tel: 0898-88366683/0898-88366216/13078963896

3. Sanya International Shopping Center(三亚国际购物中心)
Address: No.1, Jiefang Road, Tianya District, Sanya City三亚市天涯区解放路1号
Tel: 0898-31086888

Sanya Shopping Tips

  • In order to protect the ecological environment of Hainan, please do not buy nautilus, hawksbill, turtle specimens and other items, so as not to be unable to pass through the security checks of major airports, ports and stations in Hainan, affecting the return journey.
  • On the seashore, there are many women with baskets and headscarves selling pearls and sea snails. The pearls they sell are all fake, made from shell powder and moulded with molds. Red coral they sell is dyed and coral cannot be taken on board a plane on return. It is not recommended to buy ornaments in the scenic areas, the price is more than half of the downtown.
  • Sanya is rich in pearls and crystals, and there are many shops selling them. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the truth from the false. It is suggested to buy with caution for the expensive jewelry you don't know. You'd better purchase them from legitimate businesses like gN Pearl and Dijia Jewelry Store. Don't forget to issue the invoice after you buy, so that the dispute can be settled after shopping.
  • Don't buy peeled coconuts. They don't taste good.
  • Coconut water can discolor clothes and make them hard to clean.
  • Do not eat pineapple and carambola when empty stomach. Diabetic put an end to to eat carambola, which can cause life risk. 
  • When packing tropical fruit to take home, select fruit that is not yet ripe. If you select fruit that is already ripe, it will most likely have gone bad by the time when it arrives home. 
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