Lincang Overview

Chinese Name: 临沧 English IPA: Lin Cang Location: Southwest of Yunnan Population (city): 2,520,000 Language: Yunnan Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

With Lancang (Mekong) River to the east, Lincang City is located in the Southwest of Yunnan. It borders Myanmar and includes seven counties and a district, including two Wa Autonomous Counties in Yunnan, Cangyuan and Ximeng, occupying 50% of the total population of Wa minority in Yunnan. 

Highlights of Lincang

▪ Wending Wa Ethnic Village: Wengding Wa original villages in Cangyuan Wa Autonomous County, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, retain the original architectural style and residential area of Wa ethnic minority.

▪ Cangyuan Cliff Fresco: Cangyuan Cliff Fresco is one of the oldest cliff frescoes ever discovered in China. There were 11 Cliff frescoes discovered in 1965.
▪ Tea and Mango: Fengqing county, Lincang city, is the world famous”the Hometown of Dianhong Black Tea”. Yongde county, Lincang city, is called “the Hometown of Mango in China”. Lincang has a long history of tea culture.
▪ Ethnic Minorities: Except ethnic Han, there are other 23 ethnic groups in Lincang. Among them, 11 ethnic groups that live in Lincang for generations, they are Yi, Wa, Dai, Lahu, Bulang, Lisu, Hui, Miao, Deang, Bai, Jingpo.

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Lincang Attractions

There are a lot of things to see and to do in Lincang. Lincang enjoys a mild climate and is blessed with a great variety of plant and animals, especially tea. Once you are stepping on the dreamland, you will visit the hometown of Dianhong Black Tea, Fengqing county. You will explore diverse ethnic minorities and their culture like Monihei Carnival of Wa ethnic Minority. You will enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery like Snow mountain in Yongde county. More [...]

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Lincang Tours

Lincang boasts abundant tourist resources. You will experience profound tea culture, different ethnic cultures and unique human landscapes here in Lincang. For people who are interested in Chinese Tea, you won’t regret having a tea tour as Lincang is the origin of tea culture, Fengqing Dianhong Black Tea and Pu'er Organic Tea derive from Lincang. Exploring the ethnic culture via Monihei Carnival of Wa Ethnic Minority, people get muddy each other, experience the most exciting, joyful and special festival. Making your [...]

Climate & When to Go

Located at an altitude of above 1,450 meters, Lincang has a mild humid subtropical climate, remaining warm year-round. In 2016, the annual average temperature is 19.4℃. The warmest and coolest months are June and January. June through September accounts for nearly 70% of the annual rainfall of 983 mm and during this time, some rainfall occurs on most days, pushing relative humidity above 80% and there is a marked reduction in sunshine. With monthly percent possible sunshine ranging from 22% in [...]

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Lincang is an important transportation center in southwest Yunnan, which is the most convenient land passage to Yangon, Myanmar. There are three counties, Cangyuan, Gengma and Zhenkang, bordering Myanmar. The borderline is 290.791 kilometers. There are 3 national second-class ports and 17 channels in Lincang, and 5 highways are linked to Myanmar roads. The transportation in Lincang is relatively convenient. Travelers can take plane or long-distance bus to get to Lincang. In the near future, you can also take train, [...]

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Festivals and Activities

There are 23  minorities who spend their whole life in Lincang. Their traditional festivals are embodied in the local lifestyle. it's also the birthplace of Wa people and Tea culture. There are three minority autonomous counties, respectively dominated by Dai, Wa, Lahu and Bulang. Some festivals are listed as below. 1. Lancangjiang Beer Carnival in Yun county(云县澜沧江啤酒节) 2. Sigangli “Paint you Black” Carnival of Wa Ethnic Minority in Cnagyuan county 3. “Hometown of Mango” Cultural Tourism Festival in Yongde county, Lincang 4. Monihei Carnival of Wa Ethnic Minority In Cangyuan [...]

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Travel Tips

Here are several travel tips for you. Useful number Fire: 119 Police: 110 Ambulance: 120 Area code: 0883 Zip Code: 677000 Tourist Consultant: 12301 Tourism complaint: 0883-2140003 Weather Forecast Inquiry: 12121/96121 Telephone Number Inquiry: 141 The Best Time to Lincang It’s like spring all the year round in Lincang, which has the reputation of “Asian City of Constant Temperature”. Its annual average temperature is 16.8 - 17.7℃, so the four seasons are suitable for travel. What to Prepare? Dress: Although weather in Lincang is warm, temperature varies widely from day to night, especially in winter [...]

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Useful Maps

To have a better understanding about Lincang city, plan a travel tour easily, we have posted some useful Lincang maps. These maps include tourist attractions maps of Lincang, regional maps of Lincang, Location maps of Lincang and transportation maps of Lincang, etc.  [...]

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Lincang Accommodation

You can easily find many hotels in Lincang, but choosing a good and favored one is becoming a question especially for tourists abroad. In order to avoid this situation, here we selected the most comfortable and best valued hotels for you. We will book hotels for you according to your preference. For the detailed information of hotels in Lincang, check the following post. English name Chinese name Address Phone number Yunnan Lintong Hotel 云南临通大酒店 No.352 Shiji Road, Linxiang District(世纪路352号) 0883-3119988 Lincang He Tang Yue Chun Hotel 临沧和堂玥春 Chayuan Road, Mangpan Street, Linxiang District (临翔区忙畔街道茶苑路) 0883-2133388 Golden Bergonia [...]

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