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Because of diverse ethnic cultures, there are diverse specialty food and featured products in Lincang. In this part, some specialty food and featured products and recommended places to buy will be introduced.

Specialty Food 

Bean Powder Rice Noodle(稀豆粉米线)

This special local snack of Lincang uses good quality rice noodle and pea powder as major material, seasoning with sesame, ginger, chili oil, garlic mash and sauce etc.

Chicken Mashed Rice(鸡肉烂饭)

This special rice food is a delicious Wa dish for welcoming distinguished guests. It is softer than ordinary rice and drier than porridge. The newly harvested rice is stewed in a pot together with tender black bone chicken, many seasonings and vegetables like fennel leaves, green pepper, hot chili, Ahwa cilantro, shallot, garlic and mint are added to the rice.

Gengma Haobeng(耿马毫崩)

Gengma Haobeng is a special snack in Gengma county, Lincang city, Yunnan province. The “Haobeng” is fried rice crispy. Gengma county and Mengding town, Lincang city, Yunnan province, the “Haobeng” of the water-splashing festival is an essential festival food for every family.

Preserved Ham Papaya Chicken(火腿木瓜煮鸡)

Flavor delicacy of Yun county, Lincang city, its main raw materials are preserved ham, papaya and wild Chicken. This is a medicinal food, it not only tastes good, but also has health keeping value.

Featured Products

Dianhong Black Tea(滇红茶)

Lincang is an internationally recognized as the hometown of the Dianhong black tea and one of the origins of wild tea trees. Fengqing Dianhong Tea Group Co. Ltd. is the largest tea manufacturing enterprise in Yunnan Province. The area  has a tea field measuring about 650,000 acres and annual production of 20,000 tons, both ranking first in Yunnan province. 

Yongde Mango(永德芒果)
Yongde County(永德县) enjoys a mild climate which is suitable for various kinds of fruits. The most famous local fruit is mango which is planted in a large scale. Therefore, Yongde is called "the Hometown of Mango in China". Yongde mango is favored by travelers.

Zhenkang Macadimia Nut(镇康澳洲坚果)

Zhenkang macadamia nut is a specialty of Zhenkang County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province. At present, the Zhenkang county has planted macadamia nut about 78,000 acres. Macadamia nuts have high nutritional, medicinal and health value. 

Cangyuan Curved Beef(沧源牛干巴)

Curved beef is a unique food in Yunnan. They are easy to carry and keep. They can be fried, boiled and burned to eat.

Recommended Places to Shop

1. Laoxiangyun Shopping Mall(老祥云购物广场)

Address: Near Park Road, Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区公园路附近)

2. Lianxing Local Specialty(联兴地方特产总汇)

Address: Nantang Street, Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区南塘街)

Tel: 0883-2126048

3. Yujing Tea and Local Specialty Store(虞璟茶叶土特产专卖店)

Address: No.4 South Nanping Road, Linxiang District, Lincang City(临沧市临翔区南屏南路4号)

Tel: 0883-2127299

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