Lincang Transportation

Lincang is an important transportation center in southwest Yunnan, which is the most convenient land passage to Yangon, Myanmar. There are three counties, Cangyuan, Gengma and Zhenkang, bordering Myanmar. The borderline is 290.791 kilometers. There are 3 national second-class ports and 17 channels in Lincang, and 5 highways are linked to Myanmar roads. The transportation in Lincang is relatively convenient. Travelers can take plane or long-distance bus to get to Lincang. In the near future, you can also take train, because the railway to Lincang is under construction.  

Getting to & Leaving

By Air

Lincang Airport

Lincang airport, situated in the west of Boshang Town, is 22.5 kilometers away from the Linxiang District, is a key port to connect Yunnan Province and southeast and south Asian countries. There are several daily schedules for flights from Kunming to Lincang with about 50 minutes' transfer. For the transport between the airport and the city center, travelers can take either the taxi or the airport shuttle bus whose schedule is subject to the arrival of flights.  

Cangyuan Airport

Cangyuan Washan airport is located in Nuoliang Township, Cangyuan county, 670 kilometers from Kunming, 187 kilometers from Lincang city and 36 kilometers from county seat of Cangyuan county. There are daily schedules for flights from Kunning to Cangyuan with about 70 minutes' trnsfer. 

By Long-distance Bus(Highway)

Lincang has trunk roads to Kunming, Dali, Chuxiong(楚雄), Simao(思茅), Baoshan(保山), Xishuangbanna(西双版纳) and other prefectures, counties and townships in Lincang area. One district and seven counties in the prefecture are well linked by highway, some of which are built under dangerous and difficult geographical conditions. Therefore some of the highways can be viewed as a manmade landscape or miracle. At the bus Terminals, travelers can take luxurious sleeper long-distance buses to such destinations as Kunming, Xiaguan, Xiangyun, Baoshan, Changning, Jinghong and Fengqing etc.

1. Linxiang District Bus Terminal(临翔区客运站)

Address: No. 651 Nantian Road,Linxiang District, Lincang City (临沧市临翔区南天路651号)

Tel: 0871-67177644

2. Lincang Bus Terminal(临沧客运站)

Address: Xiang-Lin Road, Linxiang District(临翔区祥临公路)

3. Yun County Bus Terminal(云县客运站)

Address: 0883-322 1333

All counties in Lincang have their own Bus terminals. For example, Lincang Bus Terminal(临沧汽车客运站), Fengqing Bus Terminal(凤庆汽车客运站), Yunxian Bus terminal(云县汽车客运站) and Cangyuan Bus Terminal(沧源汽车客运站) ect. by which passengers can reach any other counties in Lincang, other Cities in Yunnan like Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangari-la, etc.

By Boat 

Each day many freight ships sail along Lancang river and Nujiang river to southeastern countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand etc. But so far there are no passengers boats on these rivers.

By Train

The trains to Lincang are under planning and construction, such as the railways from Dali to Lincang, from Lincang to Puer, from Mangshi(芒市) to Lincang and from Lincang to Qingshuihe(清水河)。

Getting Around

The modern public transportation system, which consists of a number of bus lines and taxi services, makes the travel within the city zones easy and pleasant. Bus and taxi are easily available in Lincang. You can also get around the Linxiang District by bicycle. Due to the local topography, the railway system is less developed. Consequently travelers are suggested taking long-distance bus between the counties in Lincang City.