Lincang Attractions

There are a lot of things to see and to do in Lincang. Lincang enjoys a mild climate and is blessed with a great variety of plant and animals, especially tea. Once you are stepping on the dreamland, you will visit the hometown of Dianhong Black Tea, Fengqing county. You will explore diverse ethnic minorities and their culture like Monihei Carnival of Wa ethnic Minority. You will enjoy the beautiful and spectacular scenery like Snow mountain in Yongde county. More Attractions including Wengding Wa Ethnic Village(翁丁佤寨), Cangyuan Cliff Painting, Anshi Village(安石村) and Anshi Dianhong Black Tea Plantations, Dianhong Eco-industrial Park are becoming more and more popular. Tea themed tours attracts a great number of tea lovers. For more attraction info, just come and discover now.