Lincang Festivals and Events

There are 23  minorities who spend their whole life in Lincang. Their traditional festivals are embodied in the local lifestyle. it's also the birthplace of Wa people and Tea culture. There are three minority autonomous counties, respectively dominated by Dai, Wa, Lahu and Bulang.

Some festivals are listed as below.

1. Lancangjiang Beer Carnival in Yun county(云县澜沧江啤酒节)

2. Sigangli “Paint you Black” Carnival of Wa Ethnic Minority in Cnagyuan county

3. “Hometown of Mango” Cultural Tourism Festival in Yongde county, Lincang

4. Monihei Carnival of Wa Ethnic Minority In Cangyuan county, Lincang

5. The Water Splashing Festival of Dai Ethnic Minority

6. The Torch Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority

7. Wood-drum Festival of Wa Ethnic Group

8. The New Rice Festival of Wa Ethnic Group

9. Item Brain Vertical Song(目瑙纵歌) of Jingpo Ethnic Group

10. The Tea Festival(茶叶节) in Fengqing county