Lincang Culture

Ethnic Groups

There are 23 ethnic groups who spend their whole life in Lincang. Their traditional festivals are embodied in the local lifestyle. Lincang is the birthplace of Wa people and Tea culture. There are three minority autonomous counties, respectively dominated by Dai, Wa, Lahu and Bulang.

Ethnic Towns

1. Nanmei Lahu Ethnic Town(南美拉祜族乡) and Pingcun Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(平村彝族傣族乡) in Linxiang district.

2. Xinhua Yi and Miao Ethnic Town(新华彝族苗族乡), Yaojie Yi Ethnic Town(腰街彝族乡), Guo Dazhai Yi and Bai Ethnic Town(郭大寨彝族白族乡) in Fengqing county.

3. Junsai Wa, Lahu, Lisu and Deang Ethnic Town(军赛佤族拉祜族傈僳族德昂族乡) in Zhenkang county.

4. Manghuai Yi and Bulang Ethnic Town(忙怀彝族布朗族乡), Lishu Yi and Dai Ethnic Town(栗树彝族傣族乡) and Houqing Yi Ethnic Town(后箐彝族乡) in Yun county.

5. Mengjiao Dai, Yi and Lahu Ethnic Town(勐角傣族彝族拉祜族乡) in Cangyuan county.

6. Manghong Lahu and Bulang Ethnic Town(芒洪拉祜族布朗族乡) in Gengma county.

7. Wumulong Yi Ethnic Township(乌木龙彝族乡), Daxueshan Yi, Lahu, Dai Ethnic Township(大雪山彝族拉祜族傣族乡) in Yongde county.

Ethnic Festivals

According to preliminary statistics, there are more than 50 Minority festivals in Lincang. Here are several distinctive minorities festivals. 

1. The New Rice Festival(新米节) of Wa: The theme is to worship the soul of rice.

2. Monihei Carnival(摸你黑狂欢节): the Wa custom of exorcism and praying for safeness.

3. Bathing Festival(沐浴节) of Yi: People offer sacrifices to their ancestors, and then have a hot spring bath.

4. Item Brain Vertical Song(目瑙纵歌): The carnival of Jingpo ethnic group. It means everybody dance together.