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Chinese Name: 广州 English IPA: Guangzhou Location: South Central Guangdong Province Population (city): 14,904,400(2018) Language: Yue dialect(Cantonese), Hakka dialect Zip code: 510000 Tel code: (+86)020 Time zone: UTC+8

Located at the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou is regarded as the “Southern Gate to China”, one of the three megacities in China and other two are Beijing and Shanghai. Facing the sea and leaning back against the mountains, Guangzhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate with the feature of warm and rainy summer, adequate light and heat and long frost-free period. Being the most important part of Lingnan culture, Guangzhou, who wears his own unique historical but fashionable suits, bows and welcomes global friends.

Highlights of Guangzhou

  • Combination of Modernity and Tradition: Guangzhou, a place with a history of over 2,200 years, also influenced by western cultures, forms its unique Lingnan culture, which has a significant effect on many aspects of modern Guangzhou, such as architecture, gardens, Cantonese opera, Cantonese language and so on. When you come to Guangzhou, you not only experience the mixture of modernity and tradition, but also the new and old.
  • Paradise for Food Lovers-Amazing Cantonese Cuisine: Guangzhou is the birthplace of Cantonese cuisine, and there’s no shortage of fantastic dim sum spots, high-end venues and casual snack stalls around the downtown to satiate your craving. Come to Bingsheng Taste, which serves White Cut ChickenWhite Boiled Shrimp, etc. exquisite dishes, taste the delicious Cantonese cuisine.
  • Popular Gateway City: What makes Guangzhou more tourists friendly is that Guangzhou applies to 144 Hours Transit Visa Free, which means you can enjoy a visa-free tour in Guangzhou up to 6 days! Starting from May 1st, 2019, people from 53 countries can enjoy a 144-hour visa-free period when transiting through southern China’s Guangdong Province. They can enter Guangdong via its three airports, namely Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport and Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, and exit via Guangdong Province’s 32 ports.
  • China’s Most Liveable City: With its internationally acclaimed dining scene, rich cultural life and serene natural beauty, the southern provincial capital has much to offer. As one of the Chinese mainland’s four top-tier cities, Guangzhou is at the forefront of modern living, yet simultaneously has the most convenient transportation. Here, you can enjoy the delicious food, visit the top attractions, experience the happiness of shopping, learn the profound culture.

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Guangzhou Attractions

Guangzhou Attractions includes a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Guangzhou. All attractions are picked by our seasoned travel advisors and rated by our customers. Following is the list of Top Attractions in Guangzhou by TripAdvisor. Guangzhou is an old land with a young beating heart where lots of sights are waiting to meet you, such as the Chen Clan Academy, Temple of Six Banyan Trees, Yue Xiu Park, Baiyun Mountain, Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, [...]

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Guangzhou Tours

Guangzhou travel packages lists all of Guangzhou tours, Guangzhou day tours, China tours including Guangzhou. Plan Guangzhou tours including 1-30 days trip and tours, Guangzhou food culture tours, join group tours and sightseeing tours. Witnessed 2,200 years of the changes of the seasons, Guangzhou is like an affable grandma, continuously and pleasantly, telling the young her unique and attractive stories. Also, Guangzhou is like a vigorous man who persists in innovation and development, and he yells, “Where there is life, there [...]

Climate & When to Go

Guangzhou Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, geography, what clothes to wear in Guangzhou, weather and climate by month, climate graph, 15 days Guangzhou weather forecast. Find out the best time to visit Guangzhou and see the season highlights in Guangzhou. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and clothes packing for your trip to Guangzhou. Guangzhou Climate & Weather Guangzhou is located in semi-tropical, across the Tropic of Cancer, annual average temperature 20-22℃, the minimum temperature [...]

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Guangzhou Transportation Guide serves you detailed transport information and introduces fights to Guangzhou, Guangzhou high speed trains, Guangzhou normal trains, Guangzhou cycling, Guangzhou Ferry, Guangzhou buses, Guangzhou bus stations and railway stations, Guangzhou taxis and ways of getting in and around Guangzhou. As the traffic heart in Guangdong, Guangzhou has relatively convenient transportation and easily hobnobs with both domestic and international tourists. Moreover, there are buses, taxis, subways and many other vehicles for passengers to choose from, which adds more convenience [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Guangzhou Festivals and Events introduce a brief introduction of festivals and activities and tell travelers Top Things to Do for Guangzhou festivals Tours and the festivals and activities including traditional festivals, local festivals, important events, performances in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is a city full of folk customs and leisure with many famous festivals and activities. There are two important temple fairs during spring time—Guangfu Temple Fair and Polo Birth Temple Fair. It is a pleasing choice for visitors to join in [...]

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Travel Tips

Guangzhou Travel FAQs and Tips introduce the city and zip codes, post offices, useful numbers, hospitals, banks for foreign exchange, Government and famous universities. When plan your trip to Guangzhou, view our answers to questions about Guangzhou travel to get better understanding of Guangzhou. Located at the northern edge of the Pearl River Delta and adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, serves as the provincial center for politics, economy, culture, and transportation. It is a [...]

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Useful Maps

Guangzhou maps include different types of useful maps including Guangzhou location Map, Guangdong Province Map, Guangzhou City Map, Guangzhou attractions map, Guangzhou subway map, Scenic Spots Around Guangzhou and so on in order to help you know more about Guangzhou and plan your dreamlike tour. [...]

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Guangzhou Accommodation

Guangzhou Accommodation and Hotels Booking introduces where to stay in Guangzhou and the recommended Guangzhou 5-star luxury hotels, comfortable 4-star, economic 3-star and cheap hostels recommended by TripAdvisor. As the most important economic, political and cultural center in Guangdong Province, Guangzhou attracts millions of visitors every year. Therefore, it is quite convenient to find ideal hotels of your own flavour, ranging from luxury and modern 5-star hotels to local featured hostel, from economical hotels to youth hostels. You can choose to stay [...]

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