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Guangzhou Attractions includes a list of top things to do and must-see attractions in Guangzhou. All attractions are picked by our seasoned travel advisors and rated by our customers. Following is the list of Top Attractions in Guangzhou by TripAdvisor.

Guangzhou is an old land with a young beating heart where lots of sights are waiting to meet you, such as the Chen Clan Academy, Temple of Six Banyan Trees, Yue Xiu Park, Baiyun Mountain, Canton Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, Shamian Island, Changlong Safari Parks, etc. So no matter what you want to meet, take your time, this wonderful city will tell you his own stories.

Top Attractions in Guangzhou

Guangzhou in southern China is a huge metropolis that combines old and new, offering sights and attractions for everyone, no matter if you are a history buff or looking for a family-friendly holiday destination. Here are the top attractions in the City of Five Rams.

Children-Friendly Attractions in Guangzhou

Those who travel to Guangzhou for the first time may find it surprising that there’s more to the city than skyscrapers, trade fairs, and colossal shopping centers. Although known as a business destination rather than a tourist destination, it offers more than enough attractions to keep its visitors entertained.

If you’re planning to travel to Guangzhou with kids, the city also has a range of attractions to keep you and your kids busy. There are zoos, nature parks, and amusement parks for the whole family to explore and spend a great time in. Here are some of the best child-friendly attractions in Guangzhou.

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Mosques in Guangzhou

Located in the southern China, Guangzhou has played an important role as one of the main port cities for the Sea Silk Road with a long history of more than 2,000 years. With the development of the sea trade, Guangzhou is recorded to have business connections with countries form the Arab region in the far ancient Sui and Tang Dynasties. Guangzhou is recorded to be the place has the earliest introduction of Islam into China in the history.

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Temples in Guangzhou

Guangzhou City has a colorful and rich history marked by a number of beautiful temples that date back hundreds of years. While these temples may not be world-wide famous, they each have their own unique history and special significance to Guangzhou, and all are worth a visit to see!

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Churches in Guangzhou

New Here? Guangzhou has many churches with a warm welcome. This part will introduce you different churches in this city.

Museums in Guangzhou

Guangzhou, or Canton as it was previously known, boasts a long and proud history, with human settlement here dating back to prehistoric times. It should come as no surprise then that Guangzhou is home to an impressive number and variety of museums, from the celebrated Guangdong Museum in Zhujiang New Town to the International Beer Museum in Haizhu.

Whether you're interested in local history, dinosaurs or beer, a museum is a great way to burn a couple hours on a miserable day. To help you decide what institution you should check out, China Dragon Tours lists the following museums for your reference.

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Parks, Gardens, Zoos in Guangzhou

If you’re planning a trip to China, be sure to include Guangzhou City in your itinerary. From luscious forests to sprawling mountains, Guangzhou City has it all. Here’s a list of the most beautiful must-see national parks, gardens and interesting zoos in Guangzhou City.

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Historical & Cultural Sites and Former Residences in Guangzhou

Landmark Buildings in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is regarded as the “Southern Gate to China”, one of the three megacities in China and other two are Beijing and Shanghai. The three metropolitan cities are competing for the tallest building and currently Shanghai is the winner with Shanghai Tower the tallest at 632 meters and Guangzhou Tower the second 600 meters. Of course, speaking of Guangzhou’s landmark, It is unnecessary to list all the top tallest buildings in Guangzhou. A city’s landmarks don’t have to be physically tallest, but they should have important impact on people’s minds in terms of their history, culture, intriguing stories behind them and spectacular buildings as well, which reflect the city’s image and characters. Plan your Guangzhou tour? Below are the top landmarks you shouldn’t miss.

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Best Places to Take a Golf Tour in Guangzhou

Golf Guangzhou was first introduced to Chinese mainland in 1916 but was fairly unknown until the appearance of an extremely wealthy class in the mid 1980s. The first golf course opened in 1984 in Guangzhou and since then, it has grown exponentially. Today, there are over 500 golf courses in China for supposedly 3 million players. But with the rapid increase in the number of Guanzhou golf courses, serious environmental issues have been raised. Nevertheless golf in Guangzhou looks bright for the future.

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Best Places for Holiday in Guangzhou

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