Guangzhou Climate

Guangzhou Weather and Climate describes information with temperature, precipitation, geography, what clothes to wear in Guangzhou, weather and climate by month, climate graph, 15 days Guangzhou weather forecast. Find out the best time to visit Guangzhou and see the season highlights in Guangzhou. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and clothes packing for your trip to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Climate & Weather

Guangzhou is located in semi-tropical, across the Tropic of Cancer, annual average temperature 20-22℃, the minimum temperature of 0℃, the highest temperature of 38℃, so the average temperature difference is the smallest around the country. Facing the sea and leaning back against the mountains, Guangzhou belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate with the feature of warm and rainy summer, adequate light and heat and long frost-free period. The heat and rainfall, suitable for plant growth, provide excellent conditions for this evergreen "Flower City". Besides, the annual average rainfall is 1982.7 mm and the average relative humidity is 77%, which is a comparatively pleasant climate. From April to June, rainy season dominates with hot weather and many typhoons, while from October to December, the temperature becomes moderate so that it is the best season for traveling.

Guangzhou Weather Graph by Month

Precipitation is the lowest in December, with an average of 32 mm. In June, the precipitation reaches its peak, with an average of 287 mm.

Guangzhou Average Temperature

At an average temperature of 28.8 °C, July is the hottest month of the year. At 13.9 °C on average, January is the coldest month of the year.

Guangzhou Weather by Month

Between the driest and wettest months, the difference in precipitation is 255 mm. The variation in annual temperature is around 14.9 °C.

If you want to know the detailed information of every month in Guangzhou, please refer to the following:

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Four Seasons of Guangzhou & What to Wear

Spring (March-May)

March-May is the spring in Guangzhou, and the temperature has risen to around 20℃. Although the temperature is very pleasant, it has ushered in a continuous rainy season. During this period, the weather in Guangzhou was gloomy and often accompanied by rainfall. Although the rainfall is not heavy, it will continue for a few days. Spring is the off season for tourism in Guangzhou. Therefore, almost all hotels will offer preferential prices for customers. If you like to visit sights and don’t mind the light rain, spring is more suitable for you.

What to Wear

T-shirt, light sweater, thin jeans and trousers are recommended for spring in Guangzhou. Remember to take an umbrella with you because it often rains in spring.

Summer (June-August)

June-August is the summer of Guangzhou and the temperature stays around 30℃, which is slightly sultry. Summer is also the typhoon season in Guangzhou. Although typhoons do not come frequently, your Guangzhou travel experience will be not perfect if you come across a typhoons. Tourists are advised to check the weather forecast in advance before travelling to deal with it. 

What to Wear

Any summer clothes will do, such as shorts, shirts and skirts, but you are also advised to bring a light coat for the evenings. And remember to take your sunblock and sunglasses.


Autumn and early winter are the best time to visit Guangzhou. For the rainy weather in Guangzhou, these months can be described as clear skies, which is very suitable for outdoor activities. The temperature stays around 24℃, which is very pleasant for travel. These months are also the peak tourist season in Guangzhou. Many tourists from the north choose Guangzhou to escape cold. Autumn is also at a discount season for major shopping malls and wholesale markets in Guangzhou, attracting a large number of tourists to Guangzhou for shopping. Air tickets to and from Guangzhou and hotels during this time period will rise to a certain extent. Tourists are advised to book air tickets and hotels two to three months in advance.

What to Wear

You are recommended to wear light clothing such as long-sleeved shirts/T-shirts plus a thin overcoat or light sweater for autumn in Guangzhou.

Winter (January - February)

January-February is the winter in Guangzhou with the lowest annual average temperature of around 14℃. Although there will be no significant rainfall, the wet and cold weather still makes people feel quite uncomfortable. If you catch up with the Spring Festival, it is not easy to buy air tickets and train tickets from Guangzhou to various places. If you plan to visit Guangzhou during Chinese Spring Festival, it is necessary to buy the return tickets in advance.

What to Wear

Sometimes it is 10℃ or so in winter but never snow. Thick clothing and thick socks are necessary for it is wet and cold, especially in rainy days.

Note: The dressing tips are only for reference. If you have the specific date to Guangzhou, you shall pay close attention to the Guangzhou Climate Change, which can help you better know what to pack. Especially,  15-day Guangzhou Weather Forecast will be helpful for you. Of course, you can contact us if you have any problems.

Best Time to Visit Guangzhou

When is the best time to visit Guangzhou? In general, spring and autumn from March to early May and September to December is the best season to travel Guangzhou because of the moderate temperature and good climate suitable for going hiking. While in summer, the temperature is so high but you can taste the juicy and sweet litchis and longans there. January is also recommended for the flower lovers, because Guangzhou city will become a world full of blossoms by then.

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Avoid Public Holidays in Guangzhou

Try to avoid the public holidays of China, such as May Day Holiday(May 1-3), National Day Holiday(October 1-7), Spring Festival Holiday(Usually early February), Qingming Festival(in early April), Dragon Boat Festival(in June). Spring festival and national day festival are the most crowded time to travel. During these holidays, there will be a large crowd in the tourist attractions and you can't really enjoy yourself. Flights and hotels can cost three times as much than usual, and it's hard to get tickets during the Spring Festival. 

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