Temple of the Six Banyan Trees (Liurong Temple) in Guangzhou

Liurong Temple

Temple of the Six Banyan Trees is a world famous ancient Buddhist temple built in 537 in Southern dynasties (386-581A.D), situated on Liurong Road.

Why is Liurong Temple So Special?

Liurong Temple is one of the birthplaces of Chinese Chan Buddhism. and has the Hall of Huineng (one of the founders of Chinese Chan Buddhism). In 1983, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees was recognized as one of the most important Buddhist temples of Han Chinese. In 1997, it was listed in the record of “Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Guangzhou”.

History of Temple of Liurong Temple

The temple’s history goes back to 1400 years ago. Temple of the Six Banyan Trees was originally called the Baozhuangyan Temple. Originally built in 537, it has been rebuilt several times. a writer called Su Shi wrote the inscription Liu Rong (Six Banyan Trees) because of the six banyan trees he saw there and since then it was renamed the “Banyan Tree” temple.

Main Attractions of Liurong Temple

The temple complex includes the mountain gate, Flowery Pagoda, Daxiong Baodian, Hall of Avalokitesvara, Hall of Six Buddhism Patriarchs, Sutra Depository, graveyards of patriarchs, etc.

The Liurong Pagoda (六榕寺塔)

The architecture in Temple of the Six Banyan Trees that catches the visitors’ eyes most is the Six Banyan Pagoda. It is a pagoda where Buddhist relics are placed.The Lotus Pagoda, also called the Flower Pagoda, got its name due to its flower-like appearance. It was first built in 1097.The pagoda is 57 meters high.With glazed tiles on the roof and beautiful coloring on the walls, the pagoda looks like a flowery pillar standing among the green trees.The pagoda not only has a nice appearance, but also provides visitors a good place to overlook enchanting scenery around.

The Great Buddha’s Hall (大雄宝殿)

The Great Buddha’s Hall is the main hall of the temple. It is 14 meters high and covers an area of 300 square meters.The three bronze Buddha statues in the hall were forged in 1663. The three biggest copper Buddhist statues placed there are among the biggest and most ancient Buddhist statues in Guangdong. The middle one is Sakyamuni, to the left, the Amitabha and to the right, the Apothecary Buddha. They stand for present, past and future.They are 6 meters high and weigh 10 tons each.

How to get to Liurong Temple

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Independent Traveler

Take line 1 or line 2 to Gongyuanqian Station and get out from Exit B. Walk five minutes and it can be reached.

Take tourism bus line 1, 12, 29, 215, 253 or Peak Express Line 9, and get off at Liurong Lu.

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