Haopan Mosque in Guangzhou

The Guangzhou Haopan Mosque is one of the oldest existing mosques in Guangzhou. It is situated in Haopan Street, Renmin Middle Road of Guangzhou. Haopan Mosque covers an area of 1,491 square meters. It was listed as a city- level cultural relics protection unit in 1993.

Haopang Mosque was constructed in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The mosque was built in the Southern garden style. The existing buildings of the mosque are the main hall and the gate. The gate was built to face to the south while the main hall is located in the west with a width of 18.8 meters and depth of 19.6 meters. 

Constructed in the Southern garden style, the Haopan Mosque is a quite outstanding architecture in Guangzhou . There are exquisite carving on the pillars and beams inside the hall. Haopan Mosque was used to serve as a public place for Muslims to attend religious activities. And now it is only open to Muslims.

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