4 Days Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir Grassland Tour

Day 1: Hulunbuir Mori Gele Grassland

You will be picked up at 9:00am in the airport. It will take us about 1.5 hours’ drive to the most beautiful part of the Grassland Called Mori Gele Grassland. At the grassland, we will stretch our legs and go for a relaxed walk for about 1,5 hour. We’ll enjoy a good local lunch on the grasslands and hike for a good 15km through the Inner Mongolia Grasslands.

By dinner time, we will reach the beautiful winding Mori Gele river. We’ll enjoy a typical Mongolian dinner and sip the famous milk tea while watching the sunset. At night, we sleep in the Mongolia Tents, it will be a surprisingly interesting experience.

Travel Inner mongolia Grassland
Mori Gele River

Day 2: Xiguzhuer Grassland

Getting up early is a must in the next morning, because the sunrise is particularly beautiful here. We drive 170 km to the famous XiGuzhuer Grassland. It’s a beautiful country side drive. We will drive pass the Ergun river that is next to the China and Russian border. By lunch time, we will arrive at our good local friends’ place and have a big lunch in the Mongolian tents.

After lunch, we hike over the hills and walk through grass to the vast Inner Mongolian plains, the Xiguzhuer Grasslands. Just like the night before, we will have dinner and stay overnight in the yurts.

Travel Inner Mongolia Grassland
Ergun river

Day 3: Horse riding, hiking and fishing around Daqing Mountain

In the morning, you will have the chance to ride some beautiful Mongolian horses before we continue our hike towards DaqingShan, a holy mountain and tomb of Genghis Kahn’s first wife. Then we will do some fishing in the nearby river, and we can have some BBQ fish for dinner if we are lucky enough.

Travel Inner Mongolia Grassland

Day 4: Visit Doll Square and fly back to Beijing

We will enjoy an early breakfast and then head to the border city which is called Manzhouli at 7am. The drive to Manzhouli is about 1,5 hours, but we will take a 45-minute stop to visit the Doll Square, an interesting tourist spot to spend some time. At 9:30, we will arrive at the Manzhouli airport and check in for our 10:50am flight to Beijing.


Local Herdsman Guide( my cousin)
Local Herdsman Guide( my cousin)

What is included in the price: it is all included from Hailar to Manzhouli

Not included: Transportation to Hailar or away from Manzhouli

(Train ticket: Beijing – Hailar 400 RMB) Train ticket booking click here

(Flight ticket Hailar to Beijing, Manzhouli –Beijing: each way +- 1400 RMB)

If you take a plane, we will meet you at the airport in Hailar in the morning.

After the trip, we will send you to the airport in Manzhouli at 9:30am

Flight Ticket booking information please check here. starting from Beijing to Hailar

After the trip: from Manzhouli back to Beijing