Hulunbuir Education

Up to 2018, there are 4 universities, 25 senior high schools, 134 middle schools,138 primary schools and about 133 kindergartens in Hulunbuir.

Students Numbers in 2018

  Recruit Student Internal Student
College and University Students 7,241 23966
College and University for Adults / 2845
Senior High School  Students 10024 31997
Middle School  Students 18297 56518
Primary School Students 17490 103219


Colleges and Universities

English Name  Chinese Name  Address  Telephone 
Manzhouli College Of Inner Mongolia University 内蒙古大学满洲里学院

No.4, Huabu Street, Manhzouli City     满洲里市华埠大街1号 

(0470)6242098,   (0470)6242099

Hulunbuir University 呼伦贝尔学院 No. 83, Xuefu Road, Hailar District, Hulunbuir                                                   呼伦贝尔市海拉尔区学府路83号   (0470)3103125,   (0470)  3103126 
Manzhouli Russian Vocational College 满洲里俄语职业学院 No.1, Huabu Street, Manzhouli City     满洲里市华埠大街1号 (0470)6242098,(0470) 6242099
Hulunbeier Vocational Technical College 呼伦贝尔职业技术学院 Bayan Tohoi Town, Ewenki Autonomous Banner, Hulunbuir           呼伦贝尔市鄂温克自治旗巴彦托海镇 (0470)2283113,(0470)2283112,(0470)2283330


High Schools and Junior Schools 

English Name  Chinese Name  Address  Telephone 
The NO.2 High School of Hailar 海拉尔第二中学 No.42, Yueju West Road, Hailar District, Hulunbuir City                                           呼伦贝尔市海拉尔区越桔西路42号 0470-8323035
Zhalantun No.1 Middle School 扎兰屯市第一中学 Tiedong North Road, Tiedong Road, Zhalantun City, Hulunbuir                      呼伦贝尔市扎兰屯市铁东街道铁东北路 0470-3264839
Yakeshi No.1 Middle School 牙克石市第一中学 No.1, Yucai East Street, Yakeshi City     牙克石市育才东街1号 0470-2288029
Yakeshi Forestry No.1 Middle School 牙克石林业第一中学  No.5 Xing'an Middle St, Yakeshi City, Hulunbeier                                                  呼伦贝尔牙克石市兴安中街5号 0470-2288029
Hailar Experimental High School 海拉尔实验高中 East Hailar Street, Hailar City                 东海拉尔大街海拉尔市 0470-8283358
Hailar No.3 Middle School 海拉尔第三中学  Zhongxue Road, Hailar District, Hulunbuir                                                   呼伦贝尔海拉尔区中学路 0470-2218309 
Hailar Mongolia Nationality Middle School 海拉尔市蒙古族中学 No.5, Wenhua Street, Hailar District, Hulunbuir                                                    呼伦贝尔市海拉尔区文化街5号 (0470)8332058
Najitun No.1 Middle School 那吉屯一中 Wenhua Rd, Arun Banner, Hulunbuir                 呼伦贝尔阿荣旗文化路 0470-4224635 


Primary Schools and Kindergartens

English Name  Chinese Name  Address  Telephone 
Genhe Electri Power Bureau Primary and Secondary School 根河市电业局中小学 Dongli Street, Genhe City, Hulunbuir    呼伦贝尔市根河市动力街 0470-5221111
Genhe Haolibao Primary and Secondary School 根河市好里堡镇中小学校 5th Residential Committee, Haolibao Town, Genhe City, Hulunbuir                  呼伦贝尔市根河市好里堡镇第五居委会 0470-5312447
Genhe Jinlin Niu'er River  Primary and Secondary School 根河市金林牛耳河中小学校 Niu'er River, Jinhe Forestry Bureau, Genhe City, Hulunbuir                                 呼伦贝尔市根河市金河林业局牛耳河 0470-7467340
Genhe Jinhe Town Primary and Secondary School 呼伦贝尔市根河市金河镇中小学校  Jinhe Town, Genhe City, Hulunbuir      呼伦贝尔市根河市金河镇 0470-5472213
 Mianduhe Town Primary and Secondary School 免渡河镇中小学 Miaoduhe Forestry Bureau, Yakeshi City, Hulunbuir                                                     呼伦贝尔市牙克石市免渡河林业局 0470-7735970
 Wu'erqihan Town Primary and Secondary School 乌尔旗汉镇中小学 Zhenxing Street, Orqohan Town        乌尔旗汗镇振兴街 0470-2265219
 Xiniqi Primary and Secondary School in Tulihe Forestry Bureau 图里河林业局西尼气中小学 Xiniqi  Forest Farm Primary and Secondary School                                        西尼气林场中小学校 0470-7449945
 Yitulihe Forestry Primary and Secondary School  伊图里河林业中小学 Yitulihe Forestry Middle School in Yakeshi City                                                 牙克石市伊图里河林业局中学 0470-7699699
 Yidong Primary and Secondary School in Yitulihe Town  伊图里河镇伊东中小学  No. 155, South Ring Road, Yitulihe Town     伊图河镇南环路155号  0470-7692027
 Najitun No. 3 Primary  School   那吉屯第三小学 Najitun No. 3 Primary  School in Arun Banner  阿荣旗那吉镇第三小学  0470-4212384
 Hailar District Hulun Primary  School  海拉尔区呼伦小学 Hailar District海拉尔区  0470-8885646
 Hailar District Shengli Primary School  海拉尔区胜利小学  Yuanding Street, Hailar District              海拉尔区园丁街  0470-3994919
 Hailar District Yimin Primary School  海拉尔区伊敏小学  Hailar District海拉尔区  0470-8223805
 Kingdergarten Subordinated to Hulunbuir League  呼伦贝尔盟直属机幼儿园简介  Third Shengli Road, Hailar City             海拉尔市胜利三路  8223717
 Hailar City Kingdergarten  海拉尔市幼儿园  No.3, Municipal Hospital Road, Hailar City 海拉尔市医院街3号  8333110
  Hailar Tongxin Kingdergarten  海拉尔童心幼儿园  Jianshe Street, Hailar City                        海拉尔市建设大街  8231770
 Nationality Kingdergarten in Hailar District  海拉尔区民族幼儿园  West Sidao Street, Hailar District          海拉尔区西四道街  0470-8334445

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