Xianxian Mosque in Guangzhou

Xianxian Mosque in Guangzhou, located in Guihuagang, is a very famous Islamic historic site. It was first constructed in the third year of Zhenguan, Tang Dynasty (618-907), and now it has a history of more than 1,300 years. Xianxian Mosque covers an area of about 1,860 square meters with a construction area of about 1,077 square meters. 

Xianxian Mosque is also called HuiHui Cemetery(回回坟), because the sound inside will have echoes. It is actually a cemetery for the honor of 40 famous Arabic Muslim missionaries who were buried in this cemetery. 

The Guangzhou Xianxian Mosque is a cemetery in garden style. Its main buildings include the prayer hall, square pavilion, and wing-room inside. The three wing-rooms are located in the west and the prayer hall is situated in the north. There are many trees and flowers inside the mosque. The cemetery was constructed in arch style on the roof, which is like a hanging clock. Whenever Muslims or tourists coming here to honor those missionaries, their voice would be loud with echoes when talking, chanting or praying. 

Xianxian Mosque has a two-storey prayer hall, which can hold a capacity of 3,000 people to do prayer. Those halls and other facilities inside the cemetery are all built in the style of Ming Dynasty. Today, Xianxian Mosque still stands as a popular site for Muslims.

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