Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou

Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou

Yuexiu Park is the largest comprehensive park in Guangzhou. Covering an area of 860,000 square meters. It is made up of three artificial lakes, and seven mountains, all part of Yue Xiu Mountain, and that’s where the parks’ name comes from.

Main Attractions of Yuexiu Park

Yuexiu Park is made up of three artificial lakes and seven hills of Yuexiu Mountain; hence the name. It is a perfect combination of cultural relics and ecological tourism, reputed for its pretty water and hills as well as cultural relics. In the park, you can find a large stadium, which can hold more than 30,000 audiences, the Stone Sculpture of Five Rams which is the symbol of Guangzhou City, Zhenhai Tower, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and the ancient city walls built in the Ming Dynasty.

The south lake takes up an area of 5,000 square meters.The north lake also has a flower garden, so if botany is your thing then you should check out the north lake.The east lake is a more cultural area as it has many idioms, and Chinese culture intertwined around it.

There are many activities within the park for all ages, there’s a swimming pool, bowling alley, badminton court, ping pong area, outdoor basketball court, open air dance floor, there’s also an amusement park which has an airplane ride, swings, bumper cars, forest hunting, a game room, and a bunch of other activities to keep you busy all day.There’s also a stadium that can seat 30,000 people, and another swimming pool stadium that can seat 5,000.

How to get to Yuexiu Park

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Independent Traveler

Take Guangzhou Line 2, get off at Yuexiu Park Metro Station, Exit B1, Walk about 5 minutes to the Yuexiu Park.

Take bus No.101, 103, 105, 108, 109, 110, 113, 180, 182, 185, 203, 211, 21, 24, 265, 284, 42, 519, 528, 555, 556, and get off at the stop of Yue Xiu Gong Yuan (越秀公园站, Yuexiu Park) at the main entrance

Useful Travel Tips

  • The best tourist time: Spring is the best time to visit when the temperature is moderate. Besides,Guangzhou Garden Fair is held here.
  • Food: The Yong Ya Shan Restaurant inside the park is famous for the dish of “fish’ head” and Sun Chicken as well as a great variety of other delicious dishes.
  • There are five major gates to the park, namely the Main Gate, East, West, North and South Gates. There are many buses at each gate with Subway line 2 arriving at the main gate.
  • Yuexiu Park provides an amusement park, swimming pool, gymnasium, restaurants, stalls, museum and art museum besides plant and flower viewing area.
  • Every year, the Spring Festival Flower Fair is hold here when the festival is approaching, besides the there is Chrysanthemum Exhibition in autumn.

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