Shaoxing Overview

Chinese Name: 绍兴 English IPA: /ʃaʊxɪŋ/ Location: Middle North of Zhejiang province Population (city): About 2.1 million Language: Mandarin, Shaoxing Dialect Zip code: 321000 Tel code: 0575 Time zone: UTC+8

Shaoxing, with a long history of more than 2,500 years, is one of the first batches of Chinese national historical and cultural city. It ever won the name of “the Livable City” awarded by the United Nations. It is an excellent tourism city and a national forest city in China. With a wonderful geography that is in the middle north of Zhejiang province and its unique location which is east to Ningbo city, south to Taizhou city and Jinhua city, and west to the Hangzhou city, Shaoxing enjoys promising development in different aspects.


  • Place of Talents: Shaoxing is a place that has nurtured lots of famous people that impacted China a lot, such as Luxun, Cai Yuanpei, Zhou Enlai, Qiujin, Wang Xizhi, He Zhizhang, etc. so that there are many cultural relics worthy visiting nowadays.
  • Shaoxing Rice Wine: Shaoxing Rice Wine is quite famous and it is the most popular choice for visitors who travel to Shaoxing. With long history and high quality, it wins various awards in different expositions and fairs.
  • Shaoxing Black-awning Boat: Shaoxing is a typical water town in the south region of Yangtze River where you could feel authentic and unique sceneries when taking the black-awning boat. It is a must for tourists to experience it.

Other Destinations in Shaoxing

Shaoxing Attractions

As a city with abundant resources of tourist attractions both in national scenic spots and cultural landscape, Shaoxing has been a popular tourist destination for many people to choose. There are top ten spots worth visiting if you get chance there. They are Luxun's Former Residence Scenic Spot, Shenyuan, Anchang Ancient Town, Dayu Mausoleum in Guiji Mountain, Keyan, Lanting Town, Xishin’ Former Residence, Guiji Mountain, Xinchang Temple, Zhujiwuxie. There are still many other tourist attractions that you can go, such [...]

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Shaoxing Tours

There are so many tourist attractions in Shaoxing so that it is dispensable for visitors to plan your tours. For instance, you could spend one day to Luxun's Former Residence Scenic Spot, Shenyuan, and Donghu Lake or Zhujiwuxie, and 2 days to Luzhen and Donghu Lake. We’ve prepared some tours that you could refer to. [...]

Climate & When to Go

In the spring, winter monsoon and summer alternate frequently, with increasing solar radiation and rising temperature. Meanwhile, the activities of cold and warm air is active, coming with constant spring rain and changeable wind, which contributes to various change of weather including cold weather in later spring and high wind and hail. Plum rainy season usually starts in the early June and forms in the early July, appearing with relatively concentrated rainfall and often performing as heavy rains which could lead [...]

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Here is some specific information about different kinds of transportation in Shaoxing. How to Leave & Get there Airway There is no airport in Shaoxing, but you can get to the Xiaoshan International Airport simply from Shaoxing. Here some details about airport shuttle bus routes from Shaoxing to Xiaoshan International Airport. Route 1 Start place: Shaoxing Highway Passenger Transport Center Price: 30 RMB each, about 50 minutes for the whole journey Departure time: 6:00, 8:00, 8:50, 9:40, 10:30, 11:20, 12:10, 13:00, 13:50, 14:40, 15:30, 16:20, [...]

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Festivals and Activities

Festivals in the Shaoxing demonstrate the local characteristics there markedly, which offers tourists good opportunities to be closer with the people and culture there. Kite Festival in Dayu Mausoleum Time: March 22 nd – April 15th Address: Guiji Mountain Cherry Blossom Festival in Guiji Mountain Time: March 25th – April 15th Address: Cherry blossom forest in Guiji Mountain Lanting International Calligraphy Festival Time: From Chinese lunar calendar March to April Address: Lanting Shaoxing Rice Wine Festival Time: October Memorial Ceremony of Dayu Time: Tomb Sweeping [...]

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Travel Tips

Post Offices Zip Code: 312000 Shaoxing City Post Office: Yan’an East Road Shangyu Post Office: 225 Jiangyang South Road Jinglin Post Office: 17 Zhenxing Road Luxun Post Office: 33-39 Luxun Middle Road Useful Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Shaoxing city code number: 0575 Ambulance: 120 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 96121 Tourism Complaint: 0575-85159110 0575-85223031 Public Bus Complaint: 0575-88011114 Taxi Complaint: 96520 Safety Please be careful when you take black-awning boats to [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Shaoxing maps cover different types of useful maps including Shaoxing location Map, Shaoxing City Map, Shaoxing attractions map, Scenic Spots around Shaoxing, and so on to help you arrange your tours better and know more about Shaoxing city and start your wonderful Shaoxing trips. [...]

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Shaoxing Accommodation

You could find various hotels in Shaoxing. And we just name some of them that may be useful for you. 5-star Hotels Shaoxing Flower Hotel: It is equipped with canteen and offers car renting service. Add: No.1388, Diyang Road, Keqiao, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China. Attractions nearby: Ski Hall of Qiaobo Ice-snow World, Dashan Tower, the Monument of the martyrs Qiujin, Baicaoyuan. Shaoxing Mirror Lake Hotel: Located near to the Keyan Scenic Spot, it is equipped with canteen, pubs and indoor swimming pool. Add: the [...]

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