Ningbo Overview

Chinese Name: 宁波 English IPA: /Nɪŋbɔ/ Location: Southeast of China Population (city): 760.51 million Language: Ningbo dialect, Mandarin Zip code: 315000 Tel code: 0574 Time zone: UTC+8

Ningbo, as the fourth largest port in the world, one of the top 15 central cities with comprehensive development level of mainland in China, one of the 5 central cities in Yangtze River delta metropolis circle, the economy center of south of Yangtze River delta, the hometown of famous academician of China, is a special and developed city in China.


  • Various cultures: Ningbo has abundant cultures like the advanced eastern Zhejiang academic culture, vibrant commercial culture of Ningbo people, Sino-Foreign trade port culture, the celadon culture center of southern China, etc.
  • Ningbo Dishes: Ningbo dishes, one important element of zhejiang cuisine, is famous for its seafood. There are top ten dishes that you are recommended to eat if you travel to Ningbo, such as Steamed turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup, Eviscerate Boil Eel, Marbled Meat, Cooked Yellow Croaker with Pickled Cabbage, etc. For the desert, Ningbo Tangyuan(rice dumplings) is famous around the China.
  • Folk Customs: Located  in the eastern of Zhejiang province, and under the influence of Yue culture, Ningbo has formed a unique custom in the superior national environment. For instance, Mid-autumn Festival on August
    16th , lion dance, dragon boat racing, the story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai and eating rice dumplings filled with sweet potato.


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Ningbo Attractions

First of all, there are lots of tourist attractions like five-star scenic spot Fenghua Xikou, Hemudu Site, Baoguo Temple, Tianyi Chamber, Dongqian Lake, Moon Lake, Hangzhou Bay National Park, etc. Secondly, Ningbo has many cultural relics, in addition to the famous Xikou town, its unique geographical location gives it unique scenery. Besides, there are other scenic spots, such as Songlan Mountain, Jiufeng Mountain, Jiulong Lake, Wulong Lake, Nanxi Hot Spring and wild crane scenic spot, and Grand Canyon of East [...]

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Ningbo Tours

As a city that has abundant tourist resources, you can have much fun visiting Ningbo. Because of its good location, Ningbo is near to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou, etc. So it’s convenient for you to take a few days’ tour around Ningbo. Also, you can plan your tour by visiting wonderful tourist attractions in Ningbo, such as Songlan Mountain, Jiufeng Mountain, Jiulong Lake, Wulong Lake, Nanxi Hot Spring and wild crane scenic spot, and Grand Canyon of East Zhejiang. If you [...]

Climate & When to Go

Ningbo is located in the Ningbo plain, with moderate latitude and subtropical monsoon climate, which makes it climate with the characteristic of mild and humid. Its average temperature is 16.4 ℃, and the highest average temperature is in July, it’s 28 ℃. The lowest is in January, it’s 4.7℃. The average precipitation is about 1, 480 mm, which accounts for 60% of the annual precipitation from May to September. The average annual sunlight is 1,850 hours. There are distinct seasons, [...]

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How to get & leave there Air Ningbo Lishe International Airport, is located in Lishe village, Shiqi street, Yinzhou district, Ningbo city, Zhejiang province, China. It’s only 12 kilometers away from downtown. It takes you 10 to 30 minutes to get the city center of Ningbo. The airport has opened to many big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xiamen, Qingdao, Dalian, Ha’erbin, Kunming, Sanya, Zhengzhou, Lanzhou, etc. Out of the mainland, it is available for visitors to take plane there [...]

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Festivals and Activities

In addition to Chinese traditional festivals, every place has its own festivals and activities that show its culture and customs. In order to make you have chances to enjoy the activities and festivals so that you are able to know more about Ningbo and local people, here are some information about Ningbo festivals and activities that may be helpful for you to know. Dragon Boat Racing Time: May 5th and August 16th (lunar calendar) The activity is for the people living in regions [...]

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Travel Tips

Every place may have some common points with other places, but it must have its own unique characteristics that can’t be found in some places. So we have prepared some travel tips that may be useful for your trip to Ningbo. Landing Visa Ningbo has gotten port visa right since 2016 so it means that landing visa is available for foreign visitors who want to visit Ningbo. The implementation of port visa is also a favorable condition for the application of the [...]

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Useful Maps

Our Ningbo maps cover different types of useful maps including Ningbo Location Map, Zhejiang Province Map, Ningbo City Map, Ningbo attractions map, Ningbo Subway map, Scenic Spots Around Ningbo and so on, to help you see much clearly about Ningbo city and plan your Ningbo tour. [...]

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Ningbo Accommodation

Ningbo has developed tourism resources which promote its tourism development there so that visitors have various hotels. Here is some information of hotels there for you. 5-star Hotels Xinzhi Hotel: it’s a luxurious hotel in Ningbo, which is equipped with indoor swimming pool, canteen and playroom. Add: No.215,Yongfeng West Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China. Attractions nearby: Source of Yaojiang River, Zhongshan Park, Ningbo Zhenhai Building, Moon Lake Park, Tianyi Square. Huaxin International Hotel – Ningbo: It offers canteen, sauna and hair [...]

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