Zhoushan Overview

Chinese Name: 舟山 English IPA: /zhoushan/ Location: Northeast of Zhejiang province Population (city): 115,200 Language: Zhoushan dialect, Mandarin Zip code: 316000 Tel code: 0580 Time zone: UTC+8

Zhoushan, known as “the sea fish warehouse of east China ” and “the seafood capital”, is China’s largest seafood producing, processing and marketing base. Zhoushan fishing ground is China’s largest fishery. There are a great deal of bays, harbors and channels in zhoushan, which makes it a handful of natural deep-water harbor in China. The cargo handling capacity in Ningbo – Zhoushan port ranks first in the world.


  • Splendid location: Zhoushan is surrounded by sea in all directions, which makes it abundant tourism resources. If you are sea and beach lovers, it is a good place to visit.
  • Abundant seafood: Because Zhoushan is an island and surrounded by sea so that seafood there is various and abundant. You can buy both fresh and dried seafood there in any season. It is a good tourist destination for seafood lovers.
  • Wonderful scenery spots: There are lots of scenery spots that you can enjoy and feel local folk and culture, such as Putuo Mountain, Shengsi Islands, Dongji Islands, Taohua Island, Zhujiajian, etc.

Other Destinations in Zhoushan

    Zhoushan Attractions

    If you are a sea and beach lover, you will enjoy a visual feast in Zhoushan for there are hundreds of scenic spots that are worthy for you to visit if you travel there, such as Putuo Mountain, Shengsi Islands, Dongji Islands, Taohua Island, Zhujiajian, Shenjiamen Fishing Port, Dinghai Ancient Town, Gouqi Island, Jihu Beach, Wushitang, Zizhu Forest, Xiushan Island, Luojia Mountain, Dongfu Mountain, Dongji Stone House Group, Miaozihu Island, Liuheng Island, Qianbusha, Dabei Mountain, Daqingshan Scenic Spot, Anqi Mountain, [...]

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    Zhoushan Tours

    If you know your tourist attractions in advance and decide marked goals for your travel, you would save much time for your happy trip. To make some certain tours is helpful. Here we have some tours for you to refer. For instance, five days’ tour in Zhoushan. The First day to Zhujiajian, Lover Island, Wushitang, Nansha, International Sand Sculpture Art Square. The Second day to Zhoushan, Dinghai Ancient Town, Shenjia Gate Port. The third day to Zhoushan, Peach Blossom Island, [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Belong to the subtropical monsoon climate, Zhoushan is ample in sunshine. Its annual average temperature is around 16 ℃, and the hottest time is in August, when its average temperature is between 25.8 ℃ and 28 ℃. The coldest time is in January, when its average temperature is between 5.2 ℃ and 5.9 ℃. Annual precipitation is 927 - 1,620 mm. The annual average sunshine is 1,946 – 2, 257 hours. Travel Tips If you travel there in January, do remember to [...]

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    The main transportation tools in Zhoushan are plane, ship and coach. Because of its special location, waterway in Zhoushan is quite convenient and developed. The Zhoushan islands mainly rely on ships for their communication with the outside world. How to Get & Leave There Air Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport is located in the north of Zhujiajian Islands. It has been opened to Beijing, Jinjiang, Xiamen, Shantou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, etc. Besides, there is a bridge between Zhoushan Island and Zhujiajian Islands, [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Zhoushan has three major festivals: Shenjiamen Seafood Cuisine Culture Festival, Putuoshan South Sea Guanyin Culture Festival, Zhujiajian International Sand Sculpture Festival. These three festivals embody a concentrated reflection of Zhoushan islands’ famous coastal recreational fishery, Haitian Buddhist Guanyin culture and natural sand group. Other major festivals include the Fishing Culture Tourism Festival, the Cultural Seminar of Guanyin Culture, the Fishing Festival and the Xu Fu DongDu Festival. China Putuoshan South Sea Guanyin Culture Festival Time: November Address: Putuo Mountain Main [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Travel tips are helpful when you get to some new places. So we have some travel tips about tourism in Zhoushan. Post Offices Zip Code: 316000 Haibin Middle Road Post Office: 150 Haibin Middle Road, Caiyuan Town Qiaotoushi Post Office: 92 Qiaotoushi Road Dongsha Post Office: 57 Jiefang Road Useful Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Zhoushan code number: 0580 Ambulance:120 Fire: 119 Police: 110 Check Telephone Number: 114 Weather Report: 12121, 96121 Zhoushan city Tourist Bureau: 0580 – 2280735 Putuoshan district Tourist Bureau: 0580 – 3013666 Dinghai district Tourist Bureau: [...]

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    Useful Maps

    In order to give you much helpful information about Zhoushan travel, we have prepared some maps for you. We have all kinds of map like Zhoushan city map, Zhejiang province map, Zhoushan China map, the map of tourist attractions in Zhoushan such as Putuo Mountain map, Zhujiajian map, Shengsi Islands map, etc. [...]

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    Zhoushan Accommodation

    Zhoushan is special in its wonderful sea sceneries so that there are all kinds of hotels that can offer you gorgeous views that you can see when you are in the hotels. Just remember to arrange your accommodation in advance if you travel to Zhoushan in tourist rush season. Recommended 5-star Hotels Zhoushan Putuo International Yacht Club Resort: it’s a luxury rental apartment, equipped with canteen and pub. You can enjoy wonderful sea sight living in this hotel. Add: Putuo International [...]

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