Zhoushan Shopping

Zhoushan is surrounded by sea so that a variety of fresh and delicious seafood are popular choices for tourists coming to Zhoushan. Putuo Mountain abounds in “four kinds of fishes”, especially yellow croaker and cuttlefish. Summer is a fishing good season so that you can buy fresh and good seafood.

What to buy


There is both fresh and dried seafood that is convenient for tourists to take away. You can buy preserved products there as well. For fresh products, you can buy some packaging products, such as Suozi crab or red cream crab. Snacks are mainly yellow croaker, cuttlefish, hairtail, squid and sea eel, which are basically vacuum-packed.

Peach Blossom Stone

Peach Blossom Stone belongs to granite, with dark green patterns inside. This kind of stone mainly distributes in Taohua Island. The stones distributing in the range from Sanhua Hill to Zhuishan Mountain are much authentic. You can see large, clear marks peach blossom stone with complete peach and leaf shape.

Tips: The price of peach blossom stone is changeable. You may meet some businessmen who sell them at the price between RMB200 and RMB300. But this kind of stone is not rare, and local people are easy to get so that its collection value is relatively small.

Sanding Painting

The sand painting there is made for special sand. It takes people, animals, myths and legends as contents. Using cartoon and unique skills makes it special craft. The sand paintings there are exquisite and elegant, with strong island characteristics. They are special and unique tourist souvenirs in Zhoushan, even in China.

Where to buy

Nantianmen Shopping Street

Near to the Nantianmen, Putuoshan, Zhoushan. Things there are most seafood and souvenirs about Buddhism. There are some other attractions nearly like Jinshan.

Kaihong Square

It is located in the west of the Xingpu Grand Road, Putuoshan district. There are various things. It’s a comprehensive shopping center that gathers entertainment and shopping together. It’s also near to the sea. The night tour is available there.

Zhoushan International Seafood Market

Located at No.1, Shenjia Gate Fish Market Street, Putuoshan district. It is a large aquatic product market which you can buy a variety of seafood. You can buy both fresh and dried seafood there.

East River Market

Located on the Hedong Road, Putuoshan district. It is a large market for aquatic products. There are many kinds of seafood in it, and the price is very affordable. If you want to buy seafood in Zhoushan, it is a recommended place to go.

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