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What to Eat


As one of the most important outdoor bathing places in China, seafood in Zhoushan is renowned in China. There are many seafood stalls and upscale seafood restaurants where you can enjoy seafood.

Yellow Croaker (大黄鱼)

Zhoushan islands is one of the leading producers of large yellow croaker whose meat is tender, with rich nutrition. It has a high economic and medical value. Yellow croaker can be stewed, boiled, fried, etc., to be different flavor dishes. Brackish yellow croaker is a home cooked dish for local Dinghai people to treat their guests.

Cooled Yellow Croaker with Roasted Pork(黄鱼鲞烤猪肉)

Zhoushan yellow croaker is rich in protein and a moderate amount of fat. Cooled Yellow Croaker is the most distinctive dish that Dinghai people use to treat their guests. The yellow croaker is cooked with pork, and its texture is soft. The dish has a rich flavor of fish and a fresh flavor of pork.

Zhoushan Hairtail (舟山带鱼)

Zhoushan hairtail characterized in its thick meat and oily but fresh taste, which makes it renowned at home and abroad. It can be braised, steamed, salted and air-dried.

Fish Skin Jiaozi (鱼皮饺子)

There are all kinds of dumplings (Jiaozi) in China, but Fish Skin Jiaozi is special in Zhoushan. It’s one of the specialties there. It is made of shrimp, streaky pork, seaweed, forming beautiful, fresh, fragrant, tender dumpling skin.

Zhoushan Seafood Noodles (舟山海鲜面)

Zhoushan Seafood Noodle is a traditional noodle of  Zhoushan in Zhejiang province. The noodle is soft, and the soup is delicious and fresh. Its ingredients include noodles, shrimp, clam and shrimp skin.

Xinfeng Manxiang (新风鳗鲞)

People there called air-dried fish as “Yuxiang”. And this dish is cooked with sea eel which is called “Manxiang” in Chinese. And the best time to dry sea eel is the twelfth month of the lunar year, so here comes the name “Xinfeng” of this dish. This dish has fresh texture, so that local people have the saying “Xinfeng Manxiang is better than chicken”.

Turnip Shrimp Dumplings (萝卜丝虾饺)

Zhoushan’s turnip shrimp dumpling is different from dumplings in other places. It overtures the natural impression of shrimp dumplings.


Where to Eat

Recommended places to eat: Gaojiazhang Seafood Supermarket Restaurant, Shenjia Gate Seafood Stall, Haizhongzhou Seafood City, Xiyuan Seafood Stall, etc.


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