Zhoushan Transportation

The main transportation tools in Zhoushan are plane, ship and coach. Because of its special location, waterway in Zhoushan is quite convenient and developed. The Zhoushan islands mainly rely on ships for their communication with the outside world.

How to Get & Leave There


Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport
Zhoushan Putuoshan Airport is located in the north of Zhujiajian Islands. It has been opened to Beijing, Jinjiang, Xiamen, Shantou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Qingdao, etc. Besides, there is a bridge between Zhoushan Island and Zhujiajian Islands, so the airport shuttle bus to Shenjiamen Gate and Dinghai is available. Also, taxi is available as well.
Tel: 0580 – 6260716
Add: Zhujiajian, Putuo District, Zhoushan

Airport Shuttle Bus
Airport to Putuo Mountain: 5 RMB each
Airport to Shenjiamen: 5 RMB each
Airport to Dinghai: 10 RMB each

Bus in the airport
You can take Bus No. 25 to get to the city center.


Zhoushan islands mainly rely on ships for their communication with the outside world. The main water transportation centers on the island are Yadanshan Pier, Dinghai Port, Shenjiamen Banshengdong Passenger Terminal, Sanjiang Port, West Pier, etc. Among them, the Yadanshan Pier and Dinghai Port mainly connect the external traffic, and Shenjiamen Banshengdong Passenger Terminal, Sanjiang Port, West Pier mainly connect inner islands.

  • Yadanshan Pier: The passenger center that mainly connects Ningbo and Zhoushan Island. [Yadanshan Pier – Ningbo (Baifeng)]. The ships send 43 shifts a day.
    Opening time: 1: 30 – 23: 20 (Yadanshan Pier)
    0: 20 – 23: 20 (Baifeng)
    Normal price: 15 RMB each for single way, with 50 minutes. Prices are different if the ship or car has different seats.
  • Dinghai Port: The main waterway transportation center on the Zhoushan Island. There are ships to Shanghai and other nearly islands. Here is detailed information:
    The Zizhulin Ship (Dinghai – Shanghai)
    Departure time: Dinghai: 18:30 Shanghai: 19:00
    Time: 12 hours
  • The Feixiang Ship (Dinghai – Daqu – Sijiao – Shanghai)
    Departure time: Dinghai: 7:30 Shanghai: 21:00
    Time: 16 hours
  • The Feiying Ship (Dinghai – Daqu – Sijiao)
    Departure time: Dinghai: 8:30 Daqu: 10:00
    Sijiao: 13:30
    Daqu: 14:30 (three hours to Dinghai )
  • New Century Yacht (Dinghai – Jinshan)
    Departure time: Dinghai: 7 : 00 Jinshan: 17:00
    Time: 2 hours

From Shanghai to Zhoushan

  • Putuoshan Passenger Terminal is the main gateway to the mainland. Tourists can take ship from Shanghai Wusong Port (slow ship) or Shanghai Luchao Port (yacht) to Putuoshan port.
  • There are some tickets from Shanghai Nanpu Bridge Distribution Center to Shenjiamen Banshengdong Passenger Terminal, but there are just a few tickets. So you’d better give a call in advance.

Special reminder
Due to the change of season and climate, the schedule is for reference only. The specific time is subject to the local dock. It’s necessary for you to dial telephone inquiry in advance.

Provincial Coach

  • Zhoushan (Dinghai) Automobile Passenger Center
    Add: South Ring Road, Dinghai District (near to the Zhushan Park)
    Sending Direction: 24 coaches are sent to Ningbo every day. And 6 coaches are sent to Xujiahui and Taopu Road Station in Shanghai.
  • Shenjiamen Putuo Automobile Station
    Add: No. 160, East Sea Road
    Tel: 0580 – 3012011
    Sending Direction: Multiple shuttle buses are sent to Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, etc.
  • Banshengdong Automobile Station
    Add: Port No. 2, Bingang Road, Shenjiamen
    Sending Direction: 6:30 – 16:40, every half hour to Ningbo. There are 8 shifts to Hangzhou East Automobile Station every day from 5: 30 to 17:19. And some are bound for Shanghai.

Inner Transportation


There are several bus routes to each corner of Zhoushan islands. Line 2 and 3 are the routes surrounding Dinghai, 1.5 RMB for each. Interval time is between 20 minutes and 30 minutes. The bus routes connecting Dinghai and Putuo are bus No. 20, 25, 26, 27, 28, and 29. It takes 40 minutes. Interval time is about 10 minutes.


  • Tongda Marine Transportation Station (Sanjiang Pier)
    Sending Direction: Shanghai, Daishan, Xiushan and Shengsi.
    Tel: 0580 – 8081005
  • Gangding Marine Passenger Station
    Sending Direction: Liuheng.
    Tel: 0580 – 2067000
  • Gang Shenjiamen Passenger Station
    Sending Direction: Putuo Mountain, Dongji Island and eastern islands.
    Tel: 0580 – 3013775
  • Shenjiamen Duntou Passenger Station
    Sending Direction: Taohua, Liuheng, Mayi, Shengsi and southern islands.
    Tel: 0580 – 3669000


Putuoshan Airport opens 2 routes: Zhujiajian – Shengsi and Zhujiajian – Dongji.
Tel: 0580 – 6260598 (Zhujiajian – Shengsi)
0580 – 3061206 (Zhujiajian – Dongji)