As China’s first and the only one to participate in the national comprehensive reform pilot city at county level, Yiwu is a wonderful place that has successively been awarded honorary titles such as National Sanitary City, National Environmental Protection Model City, China Excellent Tourism City, National Gardening City, National Forest City and Demonstration City of Civilization in Zhejiang province. Yiwu is abundant in historical cultural relics and natural scenery spots that you would have multiple choices to choose if you visit there.


  • Small Commodity Industry: The small commodity industry in Yiwu is widely known at home and abroad. Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity distribution center so that you could buy almost any kind of small commodities there. It is a pity if you go to Yiwu but visit nothing about small commodities there.
  • Tourist Attractions: Yiwu is a place that cultivated lots of talented people so that you would feel that there are all kinds of former resistance of famous people in Chinese history. If would be a good chance to visit some historical cultural sites to be closer about Yiwu culture.
  • Diversity: If you visit Yiwu, you are capable of finding that restaurants there sell food from all over the world. Also, you can meet people from different countries gathering there as well. In addition to the diversity of food and people, small commodities there shouldn’t be forgotten for you would be amazed if you go to Yiwu international small commodity shopping center there.

Other Destinations in Yiwu

    Yiwu Attractions

    There are a variety of cultural relics and natural scenery spot that you could visit in Yiwu like Feng Xuefeng Former Residence, Huaxi Forest Park, Loushantang Scenic Spot, Dishuiyan, Huangshan Eight-sided Hall, Luobinwang Park, Yiwu Shuanglin Temple, Zhudanxi cemetery, Wuhan Former Residence, The Ancient Temple, Chen Wangdao Former Residence, Guyue Bridge, Qi’ Military Memorial Hall, etc. [...]

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    Yiwu Tours

    Make clear tours plan before traveling to your tourist destinations. And mostly there is not just one tourist attraction, so that it would be helpful for you to see as much as you can when you take trips outside. For example, if Yiwu is your target place and you want to spend one day there, you could project one day to Feng Xuefeng Former Residence, Huaxi Forest Park. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Yiwu belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinctive seasons. It’s moderate and moist in the whole year. Its annual average temperature is about 17 ℃. The highest average temperature is in July, about 29.3 ℃, and the lowest is in January, about 4.2 ℃.The annual average frost-free period there is about 243 days, and annual average precipitation is 1100 ~ 1600 mm. Climate in Yiwu is pleasant for visiting. It’s neither too hot in summer nor too cold in [...]

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    How to Get & Leave There Railway Zhejiang – Jiangxi railway throughout the whole Yiwu has full access to the electrified period. For the development of Yiwu city, Yiwu Railway Station has been expanded to the first level station after the migration of railway. The newly built Houzhai Railway Station, with a total land area of 46800 square meters, has been put into use. Waiting rooms were set up into two floors, which can accommodate 3000 people into the station. After the [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Grand Banquet in Lantern Festival There are various traditional festivals in China, and Lantern Festival is one of them. The way of people celebrating festivals, which shows local characteristics, varies to each other. In Yiwu, people there choose to prepare grand banquets and enjoy together to show their way of welcoming the Lantern Festival. If you are just there to travel, it is a good chance to enjoy the festival. Peach Blossom festival in Shangxi There are tens of thousands of acres of [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Travel tips are significant for the travel since you could save your time if you have known some tips to prepare in advance. We’ve prepare some here that may assist your trip earlier. Post Offices Zip Code: 322000 Qingkou Post Office: 19 Qingxi West Road Niansanli Post Office: 88 Panxi Road Zongze Post Office: Zongze North Road Train Station Post Office: 128 Train Station Road Useful Numbers China International country code number: 0086 Yiwu city code number: 0579 Ambulance: 120 [...]

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    Useful Maps

    Maps give us a much clear understanding of the location of a place, and the trip maps are indispensable things for visitors. Our Yiwu maps cover different types of useful maps including Yiwu Location Map, Jinhua City Map, Yiwu City Map, Yiwu Attractions Map, Scenic Spots Around Yiwu, and so on to help you know more about Yiwu city and project your traveling in Yiwu better. [...]

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    Yiwu Accommodation

    Nowadays, accommodation is not a problem for tourists in China since you are capable of finding hotels or inns with all levels of conditions. There are some hotels that you may want to know about in Yiwu. 5-star Hotel Kingdom Hotel: Located in downtown, it is equipped with sauna center, tennis court, snooker, table tennis, gym, swimming pool, SPA and other recreational facilities. Add: No.168, Chengzhong Middle Road, Choucheng, Yiwu, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China. Attractions nearby: Yiwu International Small Commodity City, Citizen Square, [...]

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