Zhuge Village in Lanxi City, Jinhua

Zhuge Village

Zhuge Bagua Village (Zhuge Eight-Diagrams Village, 诸葛八卦村) is a historical Chinese village located 18km away from the downtown of Lanxi city, Jinhua, in the mid-west of China’s Zhejiang province.

Introduction of Zhuge Village

Zhuge Village or Zhugecun is a historic village located in Zhuge (诸葛镇), Lanxi, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China. Originally called Gaolong (高隆), the village changed its name to Zhuge during the Ming Dynasty due to the prevalence of the Zhuge surname among the villagers. The residents claim they are the descendants of the famed Shu Han chancellor Zhuge Liang of the 3rd century CE. The village was designated a national heritage site in 1996 and contains relics that are 700 years old.


“The majority of villagers living in Zhuge Village today constitute a full quarter of Zhuge Liang’s remaining 16,000 46th- to 55th-generation descendants.” According to the population census completed at the end of 1992, there are about 890 families and 2879 people in the village.

Architectural composition

The architectural composition of Zhuge Village is very rare and peculiar. Buildings are arranged in an orderly fashion, according to the Bagua principles of feng shui, earning it the title of Zhuge Bagua Village. The buildings are imposing and majestic structures. The unique skyline of the village was designed to commemorate Zhuge Liang by a descendant during the Southern Song dynasty, Zhuge Dashi (诸葛大师).

Scenic Sites

The scenic site of Zhuge Bagua Village consists of the Ancestral Hall of Prime Minister, Dagong Hall, Bell Pond, Tianyi Hall, Dajing Hall, Yongmu Hall, Shangtang Ancient Commercial Street, as well as more than 200 architectural sites from the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) dynasties. The ancient buildings have very distinct architectural features: cyan bricks combined with gray tiles, horse’s headwalls (high walls which should prevent fires from spreading through the village), thick roof beams and pillars, and small bedrooms.

How to Get There

  • By public transportation
    From Jinhua Train Station: take Bus line 11 or 19 to Jinhua South Bus Station (金华汽车南站) and then take a bus to Lanxi West Bus Station (兰溪汽车西站). From there you can take a dedicated bus to Zhuge Village (诸葛八卦村) (shift interval is about 5 minutes).
  • By car
    from Jinhua: follow the G330 along Danxi Avenue (2.8Km) and then for 12.8km more, turn left at Putanggang and turn right in Xinqiaotou.
  • From Hangzhou: follwo the Hangxinjing Expressway, leave at Shouchang Exit.
  • From Shanghai: Shanghai-Xiamen-Expressway, switch to Shanghai-Hangzhou-Expressway, then to the Hangzhou-Jinhua Expressway, leave at Youpu Exit.
  • From Yiwu: Sihai Avenue — Jinhua-Yiwu highway — North Second Ring Road, follow the G330 along Danxi Avenue (2.8Km) and then for 12.8km more, turn left at Putanggang and turn right in Xinqiaotou.

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Edited by  Lynette Fu/付云锐