Jinhua Transportation

For better planing your Jinhua tour, we have prepared some information about Jinhua transportation for you.

How to Get & Leave There


Shanghai-Kunming railway, Jinhua-Qiandao Lake railway and Jinhua-Wenzhou railway meet in Jinhua city. The successful opening of Shanghai-Kunming high-speed railway, Yongjin railway (Yiwu – Wenzhou) and Jinhuang railway (Jinhua-Huangshan) lead to much convenience of Jinhua transportation. Taking Jinhua station as the center, there has formed a four-way radiation of railway network, which makes Jinhua a convenient transportation city. Here are some passenger trains that originate in Jinhua: Jinhua - Hefei, Jinhua - Yantai, Jinhua- Hongqiao, Shanghai, Yiwu - Taizhou, Yiwu - Hongqiao, Shanghai, and Lanxi - Wenzhou. Basically, you could take train or high-speed train to many other cities in China from Jinhua.

  • Jinhua Railway Station
    Add: Dier Road
    Bus: No. BRT3、4,19, 24, 37, K304, 310, K317, 318, 319, 330, K339, K350, 11, 15, 16, 705, 808, 809.
  • JinHua South Railway Station
    Add: Jin ’ou Road, Jindong district.


Yiwu Airport, 50 miles away from Jinhua downtown, is one of the largest airports in the central and western regions of Zhejiang. There are flights to major cities in China like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Haikou, Nanchang, Shantou, Wuhan, Xiamen, Fuzhou and other cities.
Add: No.201, Minhang Road, Yiwu city.
Tel: 0579-85665205
Airport shuttle bus: Bus No.800

  • The bus passes three stops: Yiwu Airport, Yindu Hotel and Ocean Hotel.
  • It is a self-service bus so that you need to prepare some changes in advance. It takes 1.5 RMB each. The total distance is about 14 miles.
  • Business time is from 9:50 a.m. to 00:10 a.m., and the interval is about 40 minutes.


Highway in Jinhua is quite convenient since it connects Shanghai and Hangzhou in the north, Quzhou in the west, Ningbo and Taizhou Port in the east, and Wenzhou Port in the south. Eight expressways like Shanghai- Kunming Expressway, Yongjin Expressway, Changshen Expressway go through Jinhua. Such developed highway network makes it convenient for passenger to get or leave Jinhua by interprovincial coach.

  • Jinhua West Couch Station
    Add: No.2289, West Ring Road
    Bus: No. K11, 16, K15, K19, K24, K37, K38, 304, 305, 310, 317, 318, 322, 326, K330, 339, 350, Y3.
    It’s a coach station that mainly offers routes for other provinces in China.
  • Jinhua South Couch Station
    Add: No. 1777, Bayi South Street
    Bus: K11, K12, K19, K24, K27, 56, 308
    It’s a coach station that mainly offers routes for other cities or counties in Jinhua. For interprovincial routes, it only offers coaches to Shishi, Fujian province.

Four coach stations in Yiwu: Binwang Passenger Center, South Coach Station, Jiangdong, Coach Station and Yiwu Passenger Center.

Internal Transportation


There are lots of self-service buses in Jinhua. It takes 1 or 2 RMB each so that you’d better prepare some changes in advance.


The starting fare there is 6 RMB, and the starting distance is 2.5 miles so that you would need to pay 2 RMB for each mile when you are out of the 2.5 miles.

During the whole course, you would be charged waiting fees if you keep drivers waiting more than 5 minutes, and the fees are 2 RMB for each minute. Also, if drivers need to use parking lots because of customers ’need, customers need to pay for the parking fee.

Thanks to the rapid development of sharing economy, in addition to taxi, you could choose Didi call as well.

Sharing bikes

Sharing bikes are quite economical and convenient in many cities in China. They are good choices for tourists.