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Jinhua Ham

Jinhua ham is quite famous in China. Yiwu belongs to Jinhua so that if you go to Yiwu you can buy good Jinhua ham instead of going Jinhua in person. It has a long history which is said to be treated to the emperor at the old age. And there are various kinds that you can choose.

Jinhua Bergamot

Jinhua bergamot has golden color and rich fragrance. It also has special appearance that looks like the palm of human. It possesses good health care function for the old. And its interesting Chinese name is related to a folk story.

Yiwu Brown Sugar

Yiwu brown sugar, also known as Yiwuqing, is a local product in Yiwu. And Yiwu has known as “the hometown of brown sugar” for long. In 1929, Yiwu brown sugar is awarded as special award in the West Lake Exposition. So it is a good choice for visitors to buy some to taste. And nowadays owing to the development of packaging, it is convenient to take away as well.

Dongyang Woodcarving

Dongyang woodcarving, from the name we can know that it is native to Dongyang. It has a long history which can be traced back to Tang dynasty. It is an art that requires exquisite craftsmanship so that the products are not popular in China but also overseas, like Singapore, Thailand, Mongolia, Albania, Canada, etc. Dongyang Woodcarving is a good choice as souvenir.

Lanxi Small Radish

Lanxi small radish is native to lanxi city. It is popular in the market owing to its small size, good white color, crispy and delicious taste. And its characteristic of small size makes it conveniently be carried so that it is a fine choice for tourist’s shopping lists. Lanxi small radish won gold prize in the 4th East China Agriculture Communication Fair and gold award in Zhejiang Agriculture Expo in 2003.

Lanxi small radish possesses high nutritional value, large amounts of sugars, vitamins, carbohydrates, crude fiber and protein, etc., and it is also known as "the radish that is better than ginseng" in folk tales. After pickling, it has crispy taste, and it is suitable for both the young and the old.

Lanxi Waxberry

Lanxi, which enjoys the name of the hometown of waxberry in China, is one of the largest waxberry production areas in the middle and west part of Zhejiang province. Lanxi has a long history of waxberry planting, and it has existing waxberry planting area of 65,000 square kilometers.

Waxberry there is renowned for its early coming into the market and high quality. It always appears in the market 7-10 days earlier than other production areas. Usually, the period between the later May and early June is the time for waxberry coming into the market. Waxberry in Lanxi enjoys excellent quality, abundant fruit pulp, moderate taste of sour and sweet favors, rich cellulose, minerals, vitamins and a certain amount of protein, pectin, fat, and 8 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body. Lanxi waxberry have won gold award for many times in various fairs and communication conferences.

Other local products

In addition to the products above, you also have other choices like Pan’an figwort, Pan’an Yuanhu, Pujiang grapes, Pujiang paper cutting, etc.

Where to Buy

Dongyang Woodcarving City

Dongyang, known as the hometown of woodcarving in China, has excellent woodcarving products which are sold to the world. Dongyang Woodcarving City has the largest wooden crafts and woodcarving furniture base. On the first floor, there are woodcarving craft boutiques with Chinese characteristics, carved wooden furniture, bamboo craft tourist souvenirs and bamboo craft gift shops. You can buy wood (mahogany) furniture. On the third and fourth floor, you could see all kinds of home decorations and furniture. If you are a woodcarving lover or collector, Dongyang Woodcarving City is a recommended shopping place to go.

Yiwu China Commodity City

Yiwu China Commodity City was founded in 1982, and it has a business area of more than 470 square meters now, with 70,000 business positions, more than 210,000 workers, and 210,000 of daily passenger flow. It runs 16 kinds of business, 4,202 species, 33,217 classes and 1.7 million items. As an international center of small commodity circulation, information and exhibition, Yiwu China Commodity City is named as "the world's largest small commodity wholesale market" by authorities of the UN, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley.

China Yiwu International Trade City

China Yiwu Ynternational Trade City is a modern wholesale market which complies with the internationalization development of China small commodity, covering an building area of of 420 square meters. It has 5 main business areas with the main market, sale center, commodity procurement center, warehousing center and catering center. It sells artware, decorations, jewelry toys and flowers four industry goods. Goods there are sold to more than 140 countries and regions, and its foreign trade exports accounts for more than 60%.

Century Mall Pedestrian Street

It consists of two floors, and the first floor of the mall is for commercial pedestrian street. There are more than 800 stores, selling all kinds of things including clothing, footwear, handbags, decorations, daily provisions, appliances and other kinds of individual retail. The second floor of 18000 square meters is a large-scale comprehensive supermarket.

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