Jinhua Festivals and Events

In order to add as many as possible activities and choices for you, we have collected some recommended activities and festivals of Jinhua for you.

China Orchid Festival

Time: Late September to early October.
Activity location: Lanxi
Main activities: Evening gala for welcoming guests, orchid exposition and trade, folk performances, various economic and trade fairs and sightseeing activities.

Jinhua International Huangdaxian Tourism Festival

Time: October
Activity location: Former residence of Huang Daxian in Jinhua Mountain and former residence of Huang Daxian in Lanxi.
Main activities: Grand religious ceremonies, seminar of Huang Daxian culture, dragon performance, and meet of exchange, evening gala, photography contest and sports competition held by International Research Organization of Huang Daxian Culture and tourism development organization international collaboration.

China Yiwu International Small Commodities Fair

Time: Late October
Activity location: Yiwu meihu international exhibition center.
Main activities: A series of fairs, forums and talks about the development of Small commodity trade.

Fangyan Temple Fair

Time: Late October
Activity location: Fangyan
Main activities: The ritual activity, for Hugong with a long history, is a kind of conventional folk sports. The main contents are martial arts skills showing, performance, singing, dancing and parades.

Jinhua Bullfight

Time: Double Ninth Festival
Activity location: Jinhua bullring, located in Jiangnan economic development zone.
Main activities
: Jinhua bullfighting is the fight between cattle and cattle, which is different from Spanish bullfighting, known as the oriental civilized bullfighting. The breathtaking, spectacular, and amazing scene attracts lots of people every time. Jinhua bullfighting began with Song dynasty, it has been passed on for years and develops in a promising future. It always services for the tempele playing the role as an entertainment activity.

Lantern Festival

Time: January 10th -16th in the lunar month.
Customs: Lantern Festival is the most special festival in local. People welcome the festival of lantern to show their wishes for exorcising evil spirits and diseases, getting rid of catastrophe, praying for the lucky and decent harvest, and safety of human beings and animals. The entertainment of lantern festival originated from West Han dynasty. You could see various lanterns these days. It is a good chance to know more about lantern culture.

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