Jinhua Dining

Jinhua dish is an important part in Zhejiang cuisine which is one of the eight great cuisines of in China. The cooking methods there include boiling, steaming, braising, simmering, frying, etc. Jinhua ham is the core of Jinhua dish. More than 300 dishes can be donee by using ham and these dishes all pay much attention to keep Jinhua ham’s original unique flavor. There are some Jinhua dishes that you are recommended to taste.

What to Eat

Jinhua Casserole(金华堡)

Jinhua Casserole, Zhejiang province’s unique casserole stew, is a traditional dish in Jinhua, using more than 20 precious Chinese herbal medicines and spices. Its inexpensive price, unique flavor, contribution to health and not getting inflamed open a prosperous market. At present, there are a number of Jinhua Casserole restaurants in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Hunan, Guangdong Provinces and some other cities, and these restaurants are well received by customers. And one of the characteristics of Jinhua Casserole is its various kinds of casserole. Among them, "Jinhua Ham Duck Pot" was named as a brand dish by the tenth annual Zhejiang (International) Gourmet Festival.

Dongyang Soup Noodles(东阳沃面)

Dongyang Soup Noodles is traditional noodles in Dongyang. In the early time, Dongyang people used to cook noodles with leftover dishes just for convenience and no wasting. Later, because of its rich nutrition and easy being digestion, it got popular. As cook added and improved materials and taste, it now becomes special food in Dongyang. The local would like to treat Dongyang Soup Noodles if they have guests.

Jinhua Soup Dumpling(金华汤包)

Jinhua Soup Dumpling, known as “the top snack in Jinhua”, is a traditional snack with a long history in Jinhua, and it is also one of the most popular snacks in the south of China. It uses jelly that is made from pork skin soup and old chicken soup and fresh bamboo shoots as filling. And then people steam it on the pine inside of steamer. Therefore, it is juicy, fresh and fragrant. Customers show deep love to it. In January, 2004, Jinhua Soup Dumpling was identified as a famous snack of Zhejiang province.

Lanxi Jiziguo(兰溪鸡子馃)

Lanxi Jiziguo, also known as omelet, is a traditional snack in Jinhua area, Zhejiang province. You could buy omelet almost in any place in Jinhua. But among them, Lanxi Jiziguo is the most well-known. It is a kind of deep-fried cake that is filled with lean meat, tofu, green onions and eggs.

Pujiang Wheat Pancake(浦江麦饼)

Pujiang Wheat Pancake is a traditional snack in Pujiang area, and it is one of the specialties there as well. The local would treat this snack to their guests when it is Lantern Festival. Because of the popularity of pancake, Pujaing is known as “the hometown of wheat pancake”.

Pan’an Noodles(磐安拉面)

There are all kinds of noodles in China, and taste and making methods vary from one place to another. Noodles in different area have their own characteristics. Just like you would be recommended to eat authentic Lanzhou noodles if you went to Gansu province, you are advised to eat Pan’an noodles if you got to Jinhua.

Jinhua Crisp Cake(金华酥饼)

Jinhua Crisp Cake is a traditional snack with a long history. It uses dried preserved vegetables and meat as fillings, with crisp cake skin. As the choices for people become much various, nowadays you can still buy the cake with sweet fillings inside.

Where to Eat

Wansheng South Street

Taking food and movie culture as its main development direction, it is a recommended street for night hanging out since night market always can provide all kinds of food and small items that worthy visiting. The food streets or night markets in China is the heaven of food so that if you have chances you must get to these places in person.

There are various restaurants in Jinhua, you can find canteens that run food from other countries, and the restaurants with local characteristics are numerous and easy to find as well. You could choose the ones you’d like to try. We still have some recommended restaurants with local features that you can refer.

Recommended restaurants: Jimaohuantangcucai Restaurant, Jinhua Crisp Cake Shop, Jiangnanrenjia Restaurant, Impression of Jiangnan Theme Restaurant, Yongkang Meat Cake Shop, etc.

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