Jinhua Culture

Jinhua Wu Drama

Wu Drama, also known as Jinhua Drama, is one of the traditional local dramas in Zhejiang province. It takes Jinhua as center and popularizes nearby like Lishui, Linhai, Jiande, Quzhou, Chun’an, etc. It is included in the second batch of Chinese national intangible cultural heritage list in 2008. Traditional Wu Drama has various types. And there are lots of influential dramas like the Gold Seal, Sunbin and Pangjuan, Bridge Cutoff, etc.

Jinhua Lantern Festival

Lanterns in Jinhua Lantern Festival are abundant in shapes and color. It is a feast for eyes if you have chances to experience in person. Dragon lantern, the major lantern of the festival, can composed with hundreds of thousands of parts which make dragon lanterns quite long lines. And each part has its own characteristics and meanings.

The Spring and Autumn Drama

The Spring and Autumn Drama is an old custom that people show their appreciation to the God of Land who is thought to bless crops and brings good harvest to farmers. It usually falls in the spring and autumn. Villagers ask theatrical troupe to perform for them. Sometimes, you could see the match between different theatrical troupes that all show their own skills. It is a good activity to spread the culture of drama and chance to benefit relations between villagers.

Arhat Theatrical Troupe

It is popularized in Dongyang and Yiwu. People there take villages as units and then choose some to train in annual July. They choose a leader to lead the team and then all trainees register to be the drama members. They would perform various activities such as boxing, human pyramid, include boxing, cudgel play, etc. You would be amazed if you have the right time visiting there.