Jimei District in Xiamen

Why is Jimei District So Special?

Jimei is the educational hub of Xiamen with over 90 years of history. The famous overseas Chinese, Chen Jiageng, established the Jimei Educational Institution. This is a complete educational system which consists of kindergarten, primary school, middle school to high school. He was also influential in the establishment of universities such as Jimei University and Huaqiao University.

Where is The Jimei District?

Located at the southeastern coast of Fujian Province, Jimei District is one of the six administrative districts of Xiamen City, the center of Golden Triangle of Fujian Province as well as home to more than sixty thousands oversea Chinese. It has an area of 275.79 square kilometers and is home to several rare national-level animals and plants such as Chinese white dolphins, amphioxi, limuluses and mangrove forest.

What to See in Jimei District

The endowed economic and natural advantages are without doubt the points make Jimei eye-catching, but in recent years more and more travelers visit because of its thick academic atmosphere and cultural relics. As a district of culture and education of Xiamen City, the Jimei School Village has complete educational facilities and systems, including kindergarten, primary school, middle school, and university. The Jimei University founded in 1918 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee (or “Chen Jiageng” in Chinese Pinyin, 陈嘉庚, 1874-1961), a famous overseas Chinese leader, comprises 20 colleges with over 60 majors.

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Best Seasons to Visit Xiamen

Xiamen has a subtropical climate, which is generally temperate with abundant rainwater. It has an average annual temperature of approximately 21 centigrade. There is no intense heat in summer and no extreme cold in winter in Xiamen. The city has an average annual rainfall of about 1200mm (47 inches), mainly during the months from May to August. Wind power reaches Grade 3 to 4 in general, with northeast wind representing the dominant wind direction. Owing to the air currents resulting from the difference in temperature in the Pacific, Xiamen is hit by typhoon three or four times annually on average, which mainly occurs during the months from July to September. Xiamen is suitable for traveling all year round, and the best seasons are spring and autumn.

How to get to Jimei District

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Independent Traveler

Take bus No.18 at downtown Xiamen and debus at Jimei District. If you arrive in Xiamen at the airport, you can take bus No.27 to downtown Xiamen first and then transfer to Jimei; or you can also depart from the airport to Jimei by taxi directly via the Xiamen Bridge.

Useful Travel Tips

    Chaofu Cheng Tea Restaurant 潮福城: Cantonese and Chaozhou-style dishes. Try the shrimp dumplings (虾饺), chicken claws (凤爪), crispy durian cake (榴莲酥), roast young pigeon, steamed vermicelli rolls (肠粉), mango pudding (芒果布丁), minced pork congee with preserved egg (皮蛋瘦肉粥) and barbecued pork pastry (叉烧酥)… 28 Hubin North Road, Siming District

    Lujiang Hotel Ocean View Restaurant 鹭江宾馆观海厅: Views of the ocean and Gulangyu Island can be enjoyed from the terrace and through the restaurant’s large windows. Hong Kong and Xiamen style food. Try the Xuemeiniang wrapped with durian (榴莲雪梅娘), shrimp cake (虾饼), fried oyster (海蛎煎) and Mianxian paste (面线糊, Xiamen-style snack, the main ingredient is sweet potato powder and vermicelli). Floor 7, Lujiang Hotel, 54 Lujiang Avenue, Siming District

    Shuyou Seafood Grand Restaurant 舒友海鲜大酒楼: Fish, shrimps, crab, lobster, scallops, abalones and all kinds of fresh seafood! Try Xiamen’s n°1 delicacy, sandworm jelly (土笋冻). 97 Hubin North Road, Siming District.

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