Xiamen Administrative Divisions

Xiamen is a sub-provincial city of Fujian with direct jurisdiction over 6 districts.

Name Simplified Chinese Pinyin Population(2010 census) Area(km2) Density(/km2)

Huli 湖里区 Húlǐ Qū 931,291 73.77 14,782
Siming 思明区 Sīmíng Qū 929,998 83.99 12,740
Haicang 海沧区 Hǎicāng Qū 288,739 186.46 1,863
Jimei 集美区 Jíměi Qū 580,857 274.29 2,105
Tong'an 同安区 Tóng'ān Qū 496,129 669.36 754
Xiang'an 翔安区 Xiáng'ān Qū 304,333 411.50 865

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