Ningbo Dining

Ningbo dish is famous for its seafood, which is mainly steamed, roasted and stewed. Seafood there has special features with light form, heavy real taste, fresh saltiness and delicious favors. Most dishes there are steamed and braised, with special emphasis on heat and knife work, color, aroma and taste. Here are some representative Ningbo dishes that may be helpful for you.

Top ten famous dishes

Steamed turtle in Crystal Sugar Soup(冰糖甲鱼): Braised turtle in crystal sugar soup with various seasonings.

Eviscerate Boil Eel(剔骨锅烧河鳗): Braised eel in sauce.

Marbled Meat(苔菜小方烤): Stewed marbled meat with dried sea grass in sauce.

Cooked Yellow Croaker with Pickled Cabbage(雪菜大黄鱼): Cooked yellow fish with local pickled vegetables and bamboo shoots.

Sheets of Dried Bean Curd Package Owls (腐皮包黄鱼): Fried yellow croaker with tofu skin, egg yolks and other seasonings.

Steamed Foie Gras with Pork Lard(网油包鹅干): Steamed foie gras that stir-fried in with seasonings.

Steamed Pork with Rice Flavor in Lotus Leaves(荷叶粉蒸蛋): Steamed streaky pork on the lotus leaves with fried rice.

Cooked Yellow Croaker with Sea Cucumber(黄鱼海参羹): Cooked yellow fish with egg, sliced sea cucumber and steamed ham.

Fried Yellow Croaker(彩熘全黄鱼): Fried yellow croaker with peas, ham chicken breast, and shrimps.

Fried Eel(炒鳝背): Stir-fried eel with carrot, pepper and wild rice shoots.

Recommended restaurants: Ningbo Zhuangyuanlou Restaurant, Meilongzhen Jiujia Restaurant, Dongfuyuan Restaurant, Zoumalou Restaurant, Shanliren Restaurant, Tiegebi Restaurant, Chunhe Restaurant, Xiangyang yugang Restaurant, etc.

Top Ten Deserts

Lard Dumpling(猪油汤圆): Dumplings filled with lard, white sugar and black sesame.

Dragon and Phoenix Golden Dumpling(龙凤金团): A kind of dumpling with long history.

Steamed Stuffed Bun(水晶油包): Steamed bun filled with different kinds of nuts and sugar.

Red-bean Rice Pudding(豆沙八宝饭): Steamed glutinous rice with bean paste, jujube paste, dried fruit, lotus seed, rice kernel, longan and sugar.

Zhuyou Yang Su Kuai(猪油洋酥块): Fried cake made of flour, sugar and bean paste.

Sanxian Noodles(三鲜宴面): Cooked noodles with shredded chicken, pork meat and bamboo shoots.

Fresh Meat Steamed Dumplings(鲜肉小笼包): Steamed stuffed bun filled with fresh meat.

Shaomai(烧卖): Steamed dumplings made of rice, carrot, sticky rice and other seasonings.

Fresh Meat Wonton(鲜肉混沌): Wonton filled with fresh meat.

Boiled Glutinous Rice Balls in Fermented Glutinous Rice (酒酿圆子): Cooked glutinous rice balls in sugar soup.

Recommended places to go: Nantang Old Street, Chenghuangmiao Snack Square, Jingjia Road Food street, Dashen Road Food street, Gulou, Shuijie Road Food street, Zhao Dayou Shop, etc.

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